David Hartman

‘Rabbi Is The Highest Title For Teacher’

Israel Correspondent

Jerusalem — In a bold educational initiative called at once “problematic” and “a blessing,” the Shalom Hartman Institute will offer a joint rabbinical program that will train Reform, Conservative, Reconstructionist and Orthodox rabbinical students — men and women — in the same classroom.

Argue, But Listen

Staff Writer
Rabbi David Hartman, who wears many hats (author, teacher, philosopher, founder of a think tank in Israel, one-time pulpit rabbi in Canada), also wears many kipas. He keeps several, of varying colors and materials, in his pocket when he walks around Jerusalem. The multiple yarmulkes are a message and a challenge, Rabbi Hartman said during a Jewish Week Forum this week. They tell people he meets, “You can’t look at my kipa” and pre-judge the rabbi’s opinions. “You have to listen to my ideas.”
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