David Gordis

Whose Jerusalem?

05/17/2010 - 20:00

In his May 7 Opinion piece, “On Jerusalem Day, Don’t Write Off Liberals,” Rabbi David Gordis betrays his bias almost immediately.
While proclaiming his support for Israel, he has in reality adopted the Palestinian propaganda line when he refers to the “future status of Jerusalem including its ‘conquered’ Palestinian neighborhoods.”

Hebrew College To Ordain Rabbis

01/23/2003 - 19:00
Staff Writer
Boston's Hebrew College, the 82-year-old center of secular Jewish studies, plans to open the doors of a new rabbinical school in September, adding to the handful of Jewish independent ordaining institutions in the United States. The new program will likely create competition for students among New York-based seminaries. The move by Hebrew College, which has about 400 students enrolled in undergraduate and graduate programs in Jewish studies and Jewish education, is being welcomed in some quarters and criticized in others.
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