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A Tree Grows In (Brownstone) Brooklyn

04/28/2005 - 20:00
Staff Writer
It wasn’t a typical venue for pre-Passover learning. But then, Rabbi Andy Bachman and Rachel Altstein specialize in pairing “not typical” with Jewish. A few days before the holiday, Bachman and Altstein, who are, respectively, a Reform rabbi and an attorney, got together with 20 Jews on the back patio of a Prospect Heights wine bar to do a little Passover learning and talking.“We just ordered a bunch of wine and I taught for about an hour,” said Rabbi Bachman, 42.

Specter Of Dinkins Injected Into Mayoral Race

At 11th hour, safe streets now an issue, thanks to Giuliani; will it help or hurt Bloomberg?

10/20/2009 - 20:00
Assistant Managing Editor

Rudolph Giuliani’s much-maligned comments at a Jewish breakfast Sunday, implying the city might fall into anarchy under Democrat William Thompson, have placed Mayor Michael Bloomberg in a bind.
The aura of continuing his predecessor’s tough-on-crime policies is vitally important to the incumbent’s re-election effort. Yet Bloomberg has struggled not to be seen as polarizing and divisive, the way much of the city views Giuliani’s eight-year tenure.
Race in the race? Giuliani’s comments before a Jewish audience in Borough Park Sunday were seen by some as fear-mongering
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