Dangerous Liaisons

03/20/2003 - 19:00
Staff Writer
Paris: Mohamed Sifaoui has a price on his head and a book on the best-seller list. Three years after he left his native Algeria, the Muslim journalist began to serendipitously infiltrate France's extremist Islamic circles last fall. Sifaoui spent four months with the followers of al Qaeda, praying with them and listening to them discuss attacks, secretly taping them. The result was a book and two television documentaries: and a new life as a marked man.

Code Orange Puts U.S. Jews On Alert

02/13/2003 - 19:00
Staff Writers
The nation's Jewish communities are on high alert this week after the Bush administration upgraded the country to "orange alert" (the second-highest warning) in response to potential terrorist attacks by al Qaeda in the United States. In New York, the Jewish Community Relations Council warned several thousand area synagogues, Jewish schools, community centers and hospitals to upgrade security for their buildings' ventilation, heating and air conditioning systems in case of a chemical or biological attack by the Islamic terrorists.

Skating On Thin Ice?

02/16/2006 - 19:00
Staff Writer
Turin, Italy It was quiet this week in Piazza della Repubblica. In the streets around Republic Square, the center of the growing Arab neighborhood in this city playing host to the Winter Olympics for two weeks, commerce reigned. In the winding alleys, in the warrens of an open-air market, in front of halal food stores and Arabic travel agencies, flocks of bundled-up tourists, some wearing distinctive blue-and-white Israeli warmup jackets, vied for space with TV crews.

No Panic On Eldridge Street

08/12/2004 - 20:00
Staff Writer
Tuesday was quiet at 12 Eldridge St. Around lunchtime, a few workers from the Lower East Side neighborhood opened the unlocked front gate at the Eldridge Street Synagogue to eat their meal sitting on the stairs. A group of tourists from Toronto who happened to walk down the street when a tour of the landmark synagogue was about to start opened an adjacent gate, also unlocked, to climb down a small set of stairs to check a notice posted on the door.

A Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Close

Thursday, November 6th, 2008

If you believe the 7th graders in my daughter’s yeshiva class, we’re all doomed.


There is about to be a nuclear war, it seems. Iran is going to take over the world, or perhaps it will be Iraq. Israel? Forget about it.


This might be an amusing reaction to the election of Barack Obama if not for the reality that many of these pre-adolescents, if not most, are getting this stuff from their parents.


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