Memorial Day

A Jarring Jubilee

Israel Correspondent

Jerusalem — The schism between religious and secular Israelis has never been wider, the rate of unemployment is soaring and the peace process is nearly on life support.

So what prompted Ziva Moshe, a 44-year-old mother of four, to celebrate Israel’s 50th anniversary with unabashed pride and a traditional barbecue?

“It’s a holiday, a beautiful sunny day and I’m happy,” said Moshe, who like hundreds of thousands of other Israelis congregated in the nation’s parks on Israeli Independence Day.

A Pedestrian Success

Staff Writer
The rebbetzin’s idea had legs.
Six years ago Karen Hochberg, wife of Young Israel of Jamaica Estate’s Rabbi Shlomo Hochberg, wanted to raise some money for Israel. She decided to sponsor a five-kilometer Run for Israel in the Cunningham Park area of Queens on
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