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Talk To Syria Now, Says Syrian Jewish Maverick

11/23/2006 - 19:00
Editor At Large
In a surprising move, a leader of Brooklyn's large, generally hawkish Syrian Jewish community has lambasted Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert for refusing to talk with Syria, as pressure built on multiple fronts on Washington and Jerusalem to dialogue with Damascus. Jack Avital, a longtime confidante of Ariel Sharon and chairman of the Sephardic National Alliance, told The Jewish Week last week he planned to publish an open letter to Olmert laying out his case against Israel's rejection of such talks to the Syrian Jewish community.

Black Eye For Black Hats After Tehran Hate Fest

12/21/2006 - 19:00

Editor At Large
While Duvid Feldman was attending a conference in Tehran last week that questioned the reality of the Holocaust, back home in Monsey, his 10 children were “suffering” at the hands of other ultra-Orthodox children thanks to “foolish” media coverage of the event, his wife said Tuesday.

Scrolls Of Memory

02/03/2009 - 19:00
Staff Writer
Marking its 10th anniversary as an annual event in the United Kingdom, Holocaust Memorial Day was commemorated as usual with prayers, solemn ceremonies and candle-lightings. And, at one London synagogue, a glimpse at part of pre-Holocaust Jewish life in Europe.

A One-Man Kindertransport

09/26/2002 - 20:00
Staff Writer
After you've visited Prague on the eve of World War II and seen hundreds of Jewish children in decrepit refugee camps and decided you want to help them and returned to London, and lobbied with the British government to allow them into the country and found foster homes for them, and convinced parents back in Czechoslovakia to let their children leave and brought nearly 700 youngsters to safety, what do you tell your family about the experience? If you're Nicholas Winton, you don't tell them anything.

A Legend Down Under

09/25/2003 - 20:00
Staff Writer
Sydney, Australia: One by one, the elderly men with white hair or bald heads raised their hands. Sitting in the sunlit Terrace Room of the Australian National Maritime Museum, at the edge of Sydney Harbor, they listened as Henry Lippmann, a fellow octogenarian, stood with hand-written notes and microphone in hand reading brief snippets of their life stories, asking each to acknowledge his presence.

Mixed Bag On European Bias

05/13/2008 - 20:00
Staff Writer
In England, a prominent politician with a reputation as an anti-Semite is defeated in a re-election bid. In France, three policemen shout anti-Semitic slogans and make the Nazi salute in a bar. In the United States, a leading spokesman for European Jewry brings a cautionary message about the “current state of anti-Semitism” on the European continent.

Up To The Challenge

03/09/2006 - 19:00
Staff Writer
Three days after the Olympic torch in the center of Turin was extinguished last week, marking the end of the XX Winter Olympics, another Olympic torch relay began in the streets of Italy. This torch is part of the Paralympics (the "parallel Olympics" for the physically challenged) that will be held in Turin and the nearby Alps March 10-19. The Paralympics, a 56-year-old sporting institution, at first glance are not a Jewish event; few of this year's participating athletes are known to be Jewish.

Begging For Forgiveness

09/21/2006 - 20:00
Staff Writer
A man who likes extinct languages, Mel Gibson had a chance to practice his Latin this summer — he made several mea culpas.   Following his drunken, sexist, profane, anti-Semitic tirade in Malibu in July, the actor-director apologized to the police officers who arrested him. He apologized in a general public statement for saying “despicable” things. He apologized “specifically to everyone in the Jewish community,” to “those who have been hurt and offended by those words.”  

Katyushas: Going Once, Going Twice

08/10/2006 - 20:00
Staff Writer
How much would you pay for a few shards of twisted steel or some quarter-inch-diameter steel balls? If the metal items are the remnants of Katyusha rockets fired at Israel in recent weeks, the going rate is at least $52 and $24.99, respectively. Those were the high bids offered, as of early this week, by potential customers on the Internet eBay.com auction site.
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