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Rand Paul Victory Poses Risks For Jewish Republicans as Tea Party Movement Surges

RJC, in unusual move, opposes Tea Party candidate.

Washington Correspondent

 Rand Paul, the Tea Party insurgent who was the upset victor in last week’s Kentucky Republican Senate primary, could be the biggest headache yet for a Republican Party that hopes to capitalize on the populist surge without getting tainted by the angry movement’s extremists.

Some observers say Rand Paul’s strong pro-Israel views could draw Jewish campaign givers.

The very last word on the White House Chanukah party - until tomorrow, maybe

The Great Barack Obama Chanukah Party Wars continued today with angry blogs and op-eds, almost all of  which can be distilled down into two basic positions: either this president dislikes Jews and the guest list is a deliberate snub, or he is set to have the best and most bipartisan White House Chanukah party ever.

I'm guessing tonight's party won't be the end of it.

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