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‘Dreaming Of What Might Have Been’

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Several hundred New York City Jewish community leaders and elected officials gathered last Thursday night to commemorate the third anniversary of the assassination of Israeli Prime Minister Yitzchak Rabin. The two-hour memorial for the Israeli leader who risked his life for peace was unfolding even as the drums of war rumbled once again in the Middle East as the late Rabin’s good friend, President Bill Clinton, was deciding on military action against Iraq.

New Twists In ‘Crazy’ Custody Case

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In a bitter custody case that has sparked international Jewish concern, an Italian appeals court last week threw out a lower-court decision that granted custody of two Jewish children to their non-observant Israeli-born father, and not their Orthodox mother. The reversal brought a sigh of relief from American Orthodox Jewish leaders who charged that the lower court in Genoa discriminated against Orthodox Judaism, likening it to a dangerous cult.

U.S., Israel Part Ways On Georgia Conflict


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For Israel this week, the outbreak of war between Georgia and Russia has been all about Iran. As Tblisi and Moscow agreed to a cease-fire Tuesday in their five-day conflict over two disputed territories, Russia was still bristling with anger over U.S. policies and statements on the issue. But thanks to Israel’s decision to limit its arms sales to Georgia, the Kremlin had only kind words for Israel, Washington’s closest ally, as the guns of war died down.

Mondrowitz Extradition Case Thrown Into Limbo

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The latest twist in the long-running extradition case of alleged Brooklyn pedophile Avrohom Mondrowitz has apparently thrown the case into limbo and for the first time in decades raised the specter that Mondrowitz might be tried in Israel. In what is being seen by some close to the case as an unexpected move, the Israeli Supreme Court last week gave prosecutors representing the state until Dec. 23 to gather additional information on whether Mondrowitz — who was charged with sexual crimes against children in Brooklyn over two decades ago — can be tried in Israel.

Heavenly Halacha

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Since a spaceship orbits the earth once every 90 minutes, is an astronaut required to pray three times in each rotation, and observe Shabbat for an hour and a half after every six orbits, or nine hours? Though they sound like details in a work of half-baked Jewish science fiction, they've become real questions as the first Israeli astronaut prepares to lift off on a NASA Space Shuttle mission.

The U.S. embassy in Israel: Washington’s favorite political game

Monday, November 16th, 2009 Early this month the Orthodox Union applauded the introduction of the Jerusalem Embassy Act of 2009, but I’m guessing its pragmatic man in Washington, Nathan Diament, isn’t buying tickets for the new embassy’s opening ceremony.

Netanyahu and Obama: is the Big Chill setting in?

Wednesday, November 11th, 2009 Like most other analysts, I’m still trying to figure out the real meaning of Monday’s Obama-Netanyahu tete a tete and the bizarre events leading up to it, including the fact the administration reportedly wouldn’t agree to a meeting until Obama was in the air. In a Jewish Week story posted yesterday I cited the views of a number of analysts, but  there are still a lot of unanswered questions.

Chernobyl's Forgotten Children

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Two weeks ago marked the 20th anniversary of the worst man-made environmental disaster the world has ever experienced. Beginning on April 26, 1986, the nuclear reactor in Chernobyl, near the border between Belarus and Ukraine, experienced several explosions and a meltdown said to release 300 times as much radiation as was released in Hiroshima.

Tel Aviv Welcomes Windsurfers

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If you think Israeli success in international sports these days, you think windsurfing. That’s the competition, also known as sailboarding, in which a racer rides the waves on a surfboard attached to a sail. Israel earned its only Olympic gold medal in history, at the Athens Games of 2004, for windsurfing, and it earned a bronze, also in windsurfing, at Beijing last year.


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Open fighting broke out in Tel Aviv last week. No casualties were reported, but hundreds of people got wet. At the fifth annual Water Fight (, some 500 young Israelis and tourists squirted each other in Tel Aviv’s Rabin Square, the city’s central gathering spot, near the municipality building. This year’s slogan was “Fighting over every drop,” the theme was water conservation and the general purpose was fun. Water conservation in a water fight?
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