Funding In-Marriage Out Of His Own Pocket

In his first post-Birthright trip, ‘Momo’ Lifshitz shells out $250,000 to get across his ‘raise your children Jewish’ message. Is it selling?
01/05/2010 - 19:00
Staff Writer

Tel Aviv — Tucked into the rocky thickets of Mount Carmel in northern Israel, 43 American 20-somethings gathered in a hotel conference room to play a simple game — using their bodies as place markers, they lined up across the room according to how important they found dating Jews, and Jews alone.

At first, only four people stood on the “date Jews” side of the room. But when the question changed to marriage, four soon grew to 15. And when marriage changed to raising children Jewish, a good 15 more shuffled over.

"You have to try to find Jewish love,” Momo Lifshitz, inset, told his Oranim trip participants

Sinatra And The Jews

11/12/1998 - 19:00
Staff Writer
In Pete Hamill’s wonderful new riff on Frank Sinatra, we learn about the enormous positive impact “Old Blue Eyes” had on the immigrant Jewish community and other ethnic newcomers to America in the years following the Depression.

A Messenger For Portugal's Hidden Jews

07/24/2003 - 20:00
Staff Writer
Fernando Manuel da Costa will speak for a few minutes tonight at the Ashkenazic synagogue in Lisbon. That's not unusual for the 32-year-old native of the Portuguese capital; he's been attending Shabbat services there for nearly two decades. Now da Costa wants to tell other Portuguese with suspect Jewish roots how they can return to the fold.

Shelter Of Peace

12/08/2005 - 19:00
Staff Writer
Unlike most middle-class 16-year-olds, Annie Rose London of Hoboken, N.J., feels comfortable in homeless shelters. She has volunteered at several, and at soup kitchens in the New York area, for a few years. And unlike most American Jewish teens, London, an active member of the Habonim Dror Zionist organization, feels comfortable with Muslims. She has many Muslim friends at High-Tech High School in North Bergen, where she is a junior.
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