Fathali Moghaddam on Suicide Bombers

Fathali Moghaddam, a Georgetown University psychologist, discusses the psychology of suicide bombers with Jacques Berlinerblau, director of Georgetown's Program for Jewish Civilization

Scholarships Passed Over


With registration for the fall semester just days away and scholarship application deadlines long passed, five future Jewish leaders found themselves scrambling to replace the tens of thousands of tuition dollars a Jewish program had suddenly revoked.

But the day before Passover, Moishe House founder David Cygielman appeared with a strong hand, an outstretched arm — and a band of anonymous donors.

Moishe House’s David Cygielman helped save the day for PLP fellows.

Daniel Bymen on Iran, Israeli and US options

Georgetown expert discusses Iran nuclear threat, U.S. and Israel policy options

Daniel Bymen is director Georgetown University's Center for Peace and Security Studies and an expert on counterterrorism and Middle East security.  He is interviewed by Jacques Berlinerblau, Director of  the Program for Jewish Civilization at Georgetown's Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service.


The Mourning Son

Jewish Week Book Critic

"For many years I had lived without religion. But I could not have lived without the possibility of religion,” Leon Wieseltier writes in “Kaddish.”

New Israel Fund Grants Spark Human Rights Brouhaha

Right-wing Im Tirtzu accuses New Israel Fund —and its president — of bearing responsibility for Goldstone; NIF decries campaign to repress ‘dissent and honesty.’

Staff Writer

Charges that the New Israel Fund supports Israeli civil rights groups that played a key role in providing information highly critical of Israel’s role in the Gaza war last year have sparked a spirited, and nasty, debate over the proper role for civil and human rights groups in a democratic state.

Locking horns over Goldstone: ad sponsored by Im Tirzu depicted Naomi Chazen, NIF president, with a horn on her head
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