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Acapella Underdogs Score Big Hit

The 'other' Yeshiva University acapella group gains success with new YouTube video.

06/28/2015 - 20:00
Editorial Intern

Swarms of crowds hurriedly shuffle amidst the bright lights of Times Square. Energetic young children bounce up and down and wave their hands rapidly as if answering an urgent question in class. And, in between it all, a group of 11 college-age, kippa-clad young men in crisp white shirts and matching pink ties belt out a rendition of the Gad Elbaz hit, “Hashem Melech.”

The Ystuds perform “Hashem Melech” in Times Square. Courtesy of Ystuds

Maccabeats Transformation

It's the season for Jewish a capella groups to create innovative original and parody music videos. Video blogger Aaron Herman spoke with Julian Horowitz of the the Maccabeats about their new video "Burn" and the transformation from being singers to global Jewish influencers.

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