Brooklyn District Attorney Charles J. Hynes

Chasidic 'Whistleblower' Case Suffers Setback

Assistant district attorney in Hynes’ office tells Sam Kellner's lawyers he and partner are off the case.

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Prosecutors in the Brooklyn District Attorney’s office were set to dismiss the case against chasidic abuse whistleblower Sam Kellner this week for lack of evidence, but were overruled by their supervisor and then reassigned, The Jewish Week has learned.

Last Wednesday, one day after Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes suffered a crushing defeat by Ken Thompson in his bid for re-election, Assistant District Attorney Joe Alexis informed Kellner’s lawyers, Michael Dowd and Niall MacGiollabhui, by phone that the case against their client would be dismissed at the next scheduled court date, Nov. 12.

Sam Kellner, left, with lawyers Michael Dowd, seated, and Nial McGiollabui. Hella WInston

Satmar Factions Back Democrat In Brooklyn DA Race

Thompson adds chasidic endorsements as Hynes tries to build GOP Joe-mentum.

Assistant Managing Editor

The two feuding factions of the Satmar chasidic movement seem to be able to easily agree on one thing: Who should be the district attorney of Brooklyn.

Ken Thompson will face Charles J. Hynes in November's general election.

DA Withholding Key Evidence In Chasidic Whistleblower Case, Kellner Attorney Alleges

Special To The Jewish Week

In its case against a chasidic sex abuse whistleblower, the Brooklyn district attorney's office is withholding “highly significant” evidence favorable to the defense and may have suborned perjury, according to an attorney for Sam Kellner.

Kellner, a resident of Borough Park, is awaiting trial on charges he paid a witness to fabricate claims of sexual abuse by Baruch Lebovits, a cantor and prominent member of the Munkacs chasidic community. Kellner, whose son is also an alleged Lebovits victim — and who brought additional Lebovits victims to the police — is also charged with attempting to extort money from the Lebovits family.

Abuse Case Dates Suggest Brooklyn DA Is Cooking Numbers For Kol Tzedek Hotline

At least eight arrests happened before Orthodox community effort was launched, Jewish Week finds.

Special To The Jewish Week

At least eight sex abuse cases identified by the Brooklyn District Attorney’s office as Kol Tzedek cases were actually reported years before the advent of the confidential hotline, The Jewish Week has learned. This information calls into question the reliability of the statistics the DA has used to tout the success of the hotline.

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