Actor Tom Bosley of ‘Happy Days,’ 'Fiorello' Dies


(JTA) -- Actor Tom Bosley, best known as the "Happy Days" dad Howard Cunningham, has died.

Bosley died Tuesday at his home in Palm Springs from heart failure due to lung cancer. He was 83.

Stephen Greenblatt to Al Pacino's Shylock: Dead on Arrival

Despite the general approbation for this summer's Shakespeare in the Park staging of "The Merchant of Venice," the production was dealt a serious blow this week.  Stephen Greenblatt, America's leading Shakespeare scholar, wrote a scathing review of Al Pacino's performance in the New York Review of Books.

Kenny Solms Confronts His Demons


When do we stop looking for love in all the wrong places?

Peter Scolari as a gay sitcom writer facing a midlife crisis in “It Must Be Him.” Carol Rosegg
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