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Our Selfies, Our Selves

My mother, when asked to identify herself, would say, “What can I tell you — I’m just a lady from Poland." This, despite the fact that she left Poland, post-war, at 12, and spent the next 66 years of her life in New York. And, of course, when she finally went back to visit Poland, she was seen as the Jew from America. Identities are by their very nature, fluid and relative. How we describe ourselves versus how others perceive us is always up for grabs.

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Too Much Bling In Brighton Beach?

Russian Jews react to ‘Russian Dolls’ as mainstream America gets glimpse of Botoxed immigrant stereotype.
08/15/2011 - 20:00
Special To The Jewish Week

Is it good for the Russian Jews?

Or, put another way, what are the good people of Peoria (or pick another unpretentious heartland town) to make of the bling and Botox and bottle-blondeness so garishly on display in Brighton Beach?

Those are the questions buzzing around Brooklyn’s Russian epicenter this week in the wake of last week’s debut of “Russian Dolls,” the new Lifetime TV reality show set in the glamorous nightclubs and opulent bathhouses of Brighton Beach.

Does series have legs? The ‘Dolls’ themselves on the boardwalk. lifetime television

A Jewish Boxer Hurts To Help Heal

Junior Middleweight Boyd Melson donate purses to Stem Cell Research
07/13/2011 - 20:00
Staff Writer

Unlike many Jewish boxers, Boyd Melson does not feature a Magen David on his trunks.

He has an image of a wheelchair.

Melson, 29, a junior middleweight who will fight Zack Schumack of St. Paul on Wednesday, July 20 at the Oceana Theater in Brooklyn’s Brighton Beach neighborhood (1029 Brighton Beach Avenue), donates the money he earns in boxing to stem cell research.

Boxer Boyd Melson

Russian Spy Arrests Expose Raw Nerve

Russian Jews say case points to big changes in Brighton Beach with new wave of ex-Soviets.
07/13/2010 - 20:00
Special To The Jewish Week

On the boardwalk in Brighton Beach last weekend, it was “From Russia With ... Loathing.”

For members of the Russian Jewish community here, the recent tabloid-enhanced saga of the 10 alleged Russian spies arrested here in late June and flown to Moscow last week in a swap for four Russians charged with spying for the U.S., exposed a raw nerve. 

Russian Jews on the Brighton Beach boardwalk disturbed by spy affair. Walter Ruby
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