Boston Jewish Community Relations Council

Major Rally For Israel At UN Urges Hamas Defeat

At odds with White House, Democratic officials say no cease-fire until tunnels destroyed.


Dolores Berkowsky of Livingston, N.J., held her cell phone above her head Monday, snapped a photo of the thousands of other pro-Israel supporters around her, and quickly e-mailed it.

Michael Miller, CEO of the JCRC, which co-sponsored the rally with UJA-Federation. Michael Datikash/JW

Nancy Kaufman Going National with Model Twinning Social Justice and Israel


WASHINGTON (JTA) -- With the prospect for the first American universal health care plan apparently dimming in Massachusetts because the three outsize personalities vital to its passage -- the state's governor, its House speaker and its Senate president -- could not agree on the details, Nancy Kaufman came to the rescue.

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