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Charity is important but knowledge is power. If you can’t mark Nepal on a map, then you should consider visiting the Rubin Museum of Art to better educate yourself about the history, culture and community of the South Asian nation. (If you do know your geography, then you should not need another reason to fuel your curiosity.) Located between India and China, Nepal is an important source for sacred Buddhist and Hindu art, of which 600 objects are owned by the Rubin Museum in Manhattan.

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Jimmy Carter was in Israel last week.  Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu let it be known he wasn't interested in seeing the former president, 90, who he considers hostile to the Jewish state.

Carter responded by saying meeting with Bibi would be "a waste of time" because the Israeli leader "does not now and has never sincerely believed in a two-state solution for Israel and Palestine." Rubbing it in, Carter said Hamas political chief Khaled Mashaal is not a terrorist and is "strongly in favor of the peace process."

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Even when I was only 5, my mother, Etta Levy, encouraged me, her blind son, to explore the area near our house.  She didn’t allow me to cross the street, but there was still plenty to discover.

The tree roots, searching for water underground, had cracked the sidewalk in many places.  The slight downward slope followed by the large upward bump informed me that I was in front of our basement window.  At the eastern edge of the property, I felt the pavement change to a different texture of concrete.  Farther along, the recently repaved sidewalk by Anthony’s house was miraculously smooth. 

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As Mother’s Day approaches, I begin to think about my two beloved grandmothers who played a huge role in my life. They helped shaped me in so many different ways and I cherish each and every memory of our time together. For grandmothers who have grandchildren diagnosed with autism, understanding the role they can play in their grandchild's life is not always clear. But their are many ways that with supports and education, those grandmothers can still make a wonderful impact in their grandchildren's lives. Here are some tips towards making that happen.

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When politicians start talking about amending the constitution to require a balanced budget, they're telling you two things.

They have no courage and they think you're stupid.

What they really want is the issue and none of the responsibility that goes with balancing the budget. Republicans have majorities in Congress and could pass a balanced budget today if they were serious.  And if the President vetoes it, they have the issue they're looking for.

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Editor's Note: We were shocked and saddened to read this news story from Israel and wanted to share it with "New Normal" readers.

The ultra-Orthodox mayor of Rehovot has cancelled a special bar- and bat-mitzvah ceremony for children with disabilities that was scheduled to take place on Thursday at the Israeli city's Conservative synagogue.