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Posted: Tue, 11/16/2010 - 18:15 | Well Versed

No one likes to talk about Jews and money.  Too much history has gotten between the two, to say nothing of the present: see the Beck/Soros fracas, for instance, or Al Pacino in Broadway's "Merchant of Venice."  But now seems as good a time as any to tackle the connection.  Thankfully a few provocative books are trying to do just that.

Posted: Tue, 11/16/2010 - 09:14 | Political Insider

With the Republicans on their way in as leaders of the House, Tea Party activists ratcheting up their attacks on a hated federal government  and President Obama sounding more and more like a whipped dog, we're going to hear a lot of talk in the next few weeks about cuts to the huge federal budget deficit.

Of course, most of this is just talk, since almost nobody is willing to do the two things that would really make a deficit dent: raise taxes and cut the military.

Posted: Mon, 11/15/2010 - 16:14 | Route 17

This coming weekend, Nov. 20, sunrise to sunset, is the opening of deer hunting and bear hunting season.

Posted: Mon, 11/15/2010 - 14:19 | Adam Dickter's Continuum

Will Hodaya and Avner reconcile their religious differences and find happiness together? Will Yifat find contentment on the settlement of Maale Elisheva? Can Re'ut resist the advances of Yochai, her scholarly but libidinous suitor? Will Natti get over himself and be able to have a serious relationship? Will Amir find his missing yarmulke?

Posted: Mon, 11/15/2010 - 14:16 | Political Insider

 We just posted a JTA story  about a bipartisan congressional letter “raising concerns and asking questions about a proposed $60 billion arms sale to Saudi Arabia.”

The letter, signed by 198 lawmakers and co-authored by Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-Fla.) and Rep. Howard Berman (D-Calif.), the incoming and outgoing chairs of the Foreign Affairs Committee, was sent to Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and Defense Secretary Robert Gates.

Posted: Mon, 11/15/2010 - 12:05 | Adam Dickter's Continuum

As a result of last week's post, I met another person this weekend who matched a recipient and completed the donation process, who also said the discomfort of the (now rare) surgical procedure was well worth the chance to save someone's life.