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Today, March 12, 2010, Israel celebrated the 43rd anniversary of a united Jerusalem.  Normally, the day passes without much notice in the United States.  But because of Netanyahu's recent row with Obama over housing expansion for religious Jewish settlers in the predominantly Arab parts of East Jerusalem, more people are watching.

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Good question from the terrific Uni Watch blog, which usually is concerned with sports uniforms, not our uniforms.

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Undoubtedly the two most vexing theological questions are the issues of bad things happening to good people and free will versus destiny.
While most of us are all too aware of the randomness and injustice in the world, we nonetheless are quick to credit ourselves for our good fortune and blame ourselves (and others) for bad fortune.

Fundamentalists are especially good at this little exercise. 9/11? God’s punishment for permissiveness and homosexuality. The Holocaust? A punishment for assimilation and Reform Judaism. Israel’s victory in the Six-Day War? Divine intervention.

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Here are some great links celebrating the liberation of Jerusalem.

The sounds of the battle, on IDF army radio, from the '67 war.

Col. Gur's remarks to his men at the moment of victory: "You did not gripe, you did not complain... you just advanced and conquered."

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The years have been kind to us, I thought as the five of us gathered again. We're grayer and less carefree, some of us could lose a few pounds, but we are content, healthy, successful and surrounded by cherished families.

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Just about every summer camp today has policies in place regarding the use of technology by campers. Rules governing whether campers can bring their cell phones, iPods, digital readers, and smartphones to camp (and if so, when they can use them) have been part of ongoing discussions as new forms of technology are introduced into the marketplace.