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Appraiser Helaine Fendelman examining an artistic work. Photo by Tzippy Katz

“What do you know about it?” the first person in line is asked. The others, with grimly pursed lips, nervously await their turns to have valuables appraised.

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Nir Brandt’s painting, Tel Shilo. Courtesy Emunah College

In a modest three room gallery in Jerusalem’s Baka neighborhood, paintings, photographs, sculptures and a video installation by Emunah College lecturers interpret the word shmot, the Biblical command to “release” the Land.  Images range from bare Israeli landscapes to a brightly colored Mandela, which you need to squint at in order to see the black forms of camels that create its arched frame.

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Yūsuf va Zulaykhā ; Mashad, Iran 1852-1853. Courtesy of The Library of The Jewish Theological Seminary

Among its many treasures, the JTS library holds one of the largest Judeo-Persian manuscript collections in the world. Dr. Vera Basch Moreen, a leading scholar of Judeo-Persian culture, recently completed a “Catalog of Judeo-Persian Manuscripts in The Library of The Jewish Theological Seminary.” Primarily a work of reference, the catalogue is a scholarly examination of the subjects that interested Persian Jews between the 15th-19th centuries, and makes clear the extent to which these Jews were enmeshed in the literary and artistic sensibilities of their Iranian environment.

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Courtesy Berkley Books

“The Garden of Letters” is the story of a young cello student, Elodie Bertoletti –- picture Audrey Hepburn in “Love in the Afternoon” –- who gets caught up in the Italian Resistance during WWII.  There’s been much written and filmed about the French and Polish Resistance but this is my first introduction to the heroes and heroines of the Italian cause.

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Model of the Zabludow Synagogue, Poland, 17th century. Collection of Yeshiva University Museum

In a rich display of historical reconstruction, the Yeshiva University Museum is exhibiting “Modeling the Synagogue – From Dura to Touro.” Accompanied by artifacts, prayer scripts, artwork and documents, the exhibition demonstrates the context of these buildings – that they are representative of an era, a people and a history.