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After the Israelites crossed the Red Sea and emerged victorious in the war against Amalek, Moses’ father-in-law Jethro joined them in the wilderness. Our Torah portion recounts how he was welcomed by the congregation:

“Aaron and all the elders of Israel came to eat bread with Moses’ father-in-law before God.” (Exodus 18, 12.) The commentator Rashi wonders “Where was Moses?” He concludes that Moses was occupied himself with serving the meal (rather than eating with Aaron, Jethro and the elders.) One can imagine that Moses also saw to the preparation of the meal.

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On the first day my kids went back to school after two weeks of vacation, they both wrote journal entries about what they did. Here's my journal entry.

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This past Saturday, I attended services designed for individuals with disabilities and their families to conclude Shabbat at Congregation B’nai Jeshurun on Manhattan’s Upper West Side.

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When we are ill, we consult a doctor, obtain a diagnosis and adhere to his/her treatment plan. How, then, are we to understand a passage from this week’s Torah portion that portrays God as a Healer? 

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I’m not usually one for resolutions.  I find that despite good intentions, I typically revise or abandon one, if not most, of my resolutions by the end of January. Maybe it’s because, as a Jew, New Year’s feels a little redundant. We’ve already welcomed our new year, and the celebration of Rosh Hashanah follows a month of reflection and introspection.

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Yesterday, I defended my dissertation, which explored the role of religion on the daily livesof Jewish parents of children with autism. I am grateful both to the people who supported me through the years – my family, friends, classmates and professors – and also to the parents who participated in my research.