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In 1969, when I was hiking with a United Synagogue Youth group through Israel’s Negev desert, I heard the word "afik," used in casual conversation.

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According to a 2006 Harvard School of Public Health research study, the cost of raising a child with autism can range from $67,000 to $72,000 per year. Over a lifetime, an autistic person’s care will cost between $1.4 million to $3.1 million.

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The financial strain on individuals with disabilities and their families today is not just a matter of dollars and cents; it’s a matter of planning for tomorrow and the long-term future to ensure their independence and inclusion in their community.

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At our local middle school, "Communications" is a required course for all seventh graders, including our son, Ben, who has Asperger’s Disorder:

We will explore all the ways human beings communicate with each other, including reading and writing, speaking and listening, as well as non-verbal ways of communicating, such as gestures, visual arts, signs and symbols.  We will also work on research, study, and organizational skills, in order to help you better clarify and express your ideas.

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In a small community in Pittsburgh, starting in 1910, there was a shift in mindset.  The Pittsburgh Blind Association started to teach people with visual impairment how to make brooms, an item found in every home, but rarely given much thought.  That year, in Pittsburgh, they thought a lot about brooms and about who would be the best person for the job of broom maker.

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Consider the life of Helen Keller.