Politics Aside, Is Barack Obama A Good Person?
10/08/2010 - 09:39
Jonathan Mark

News Item - AP 10/06/2010 -- 
The presidential seal fell off President Barack Obama's lectern and clattered to the stage as he delivered a speech to a women's conference. "That's all right, all of you know who I am," the president joked to laughter from the audience when he realized what had happened.

"But I'm sure there's somebody back there that's really nervous right now, don't you think?" the president added, referring to whatever staffer had hung the seal on the front of his lectern so precariously.

"They're sweating bullets," he said, laughing. "Where were we," he then said, and returned to his remarks.

If Obama was a mentch would he have suggested that some poor worker in the back might be "really nervous" and "sweating bullets" because of an inadvertent mistake? What kind of person laughs about another man, a worker sweating bullets? If Obama had any class, any kind of compassion he'd be saying "It's OK, nothing to worry about."

I can't imagine Bobby Kennedy, Eleanor Roosevelt, Woody Guthrie, or anyone with a real heart, saying what Obama said about a worker in that kind of spot.

We're talking about a president whose mentor and spiritual leader for 20 years was Jeremiah Wright, a snide bully. Sitting in someone's pew for 20 years is not an accident but a choice. Obama's a cold, callous man, and a dozen small moments such as this one illuminate that sorry point as much as any of his policies.

Yes, that worker backstage was nervous. These are hard times in America, vast unemployment, great fears of losing jobs, Obama seems indifferent to the nervous and uncertain. He leads by intimidation, not inspiration. His whole approach to the nervous and uncertain in Jerusalem and among the settlers was to pressure and intimidate; inspiration had nothing to do with it.

He has a touch of the bully in him, and Israel knows it, and that guy back-stage who was made to feel small, that worker now knows it, too.

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No offense intended, but the author has obviously never served in the military, nor in any offices of protocol. Though Obama can come off at times as presumptuous.. I personally found the joke pretty funny. You WOULD be sweating bullets if something like that happened in the military or high stake business meetings, regardless of the 'offended' VIP's character. I worked in offices of protocol in the military, and mistakes simply weren't allowed. The VIP would never make a big deal out of it usually, unless they were in a bad mood, but your immediate superior officer could and often did grill their subordinates for it. Think of it as an insider joke.

i dont know im just using this for history homework research ;D

You never geard of the word "joke"?
Obama is a HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT to the people that voted for him, but not to the people that paid to have him elected and hiding his paperwork. He is a real creep and ugly inside and out.
That guy back-stage knows it, so do many of his friends, now, and so does anyone reading this. 0bama is certainly turning off many more Americans than he is turning on. Get out and blog, people! The more people we can reach with the truth, the more the truth spreads. It all adds up, just as every vote adds up.
You are right, he comes off a real loser, and he sounds like he has loose dentures with all that whistling when he speaks, so weird, he must think its cool. The bar had to be really low to get him. Maybe someone will buy him some denture glue when they buy his next election.
Don't worry about that guy backstage - his union will take care of him. He'll probably get a raise if the White House tries to get him fired.