Now Gordis Joins Fight Against Mosque! (Are leftist extremists the only ones left supporting the mosque?)
09/05/2010 - 20:32
Jonathan Mark

Check out Gordis in the Jerusalem Post.

Daniel Gordis says: "... America is at war and its enemies are Muslims. Politically correct hairsplitting runs the risk of Americans blinding themselves to that simple but critical fact. It makes no difference what percentage of the world’s Muslims wants to destroy America. There are enough of them that US air travel is now abominably unpleasant and, more importantly, enough of them that more strikes on America appear inevitable.

"...  America got lucky on Christmas Day when the bomber headed to Detroit failed to detonate his explosives, and was lucky again in Times Square in May, but less fortunate at Fort Hood. Yet those may be but the beginning. We could, heaven forbid, come to see 9/11 as child’s play.

"THE UNITED States’ future is under attack, but Americans resist admitting it....  Americans simply want the conflict to be over...

"Its tendency to gentility is part of what has made America great. But an unwillingness to call an 'enemy' an enemy could lead to America’s demise. For Islam’s radical leaders tell us clearly what they seek: a world united under Islam, with America’s sacred freedoms eradicated as a new 'morality' replaces them. What is much less clear is whether Americans are willing to fight – to die and to kill – to protect those freedoms.

"Whether or not the Ground Zero mosque ultimately gets built may not matter nearly as much as whether or not Americans are willing to gird themselves for the battles that sadly lie ahead. We Israelis understand the fatigue that comes with war. We, like Americans, would much prefer a world in which we did not have mortal enemies.... But we’ve learned that anything short of absolute clear-sightedness and honesty – coupled with extraordinary sacrifice – could destroy us."



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Jonathan, You have good taste in whom you quote on this controversial issue (Rabbis Lookstein and Gordis). What's unfortunate is that you don't learn from them how to argue in a reasonable and thoughtful manner. Is "extremist liberal" really the best you can do? Your passion once produced articles that could, and did, move people to tears. Now that passion has turned to anger, resulting in insult-laden invectice. It's a new year; why not keep your political beliefs but join the Looksteins and Gordises in civilized discourse. KVT, Joseph
The only people FOR this mosque are Muslims and liberal Jews, and the Muslims would gladly slit the throats of those Jews if given the chance. Sick, assimilated Jews. Please, marry out and disappear already.
Voted for Obama, never voted Republican in my life and am against the Mosque. J. Haber is 100% wrong. Most of my Jewish Dem friends are also against Mosque - 71% of Americans against Mosque and that includes many Liberal including Liberal Jews. that's a fact - obviously an uncomfortable one for the far Left. Being against Mosque has nothing to do with our strong belief in freedom of religion and speech. This is a red herring brought in by Mosque-supporters to muddy up the conversation. Thanks Daniel Gordis and thanks Jonathan Mark - keep on writing on this and other topics.
What an irresponsibly misleading headline! Anyone who has actually read Daniel Gordis' article (or at least read it carefully) knows that he did not come out against the mosque at all. In fact (and even one of the quotes in Jonathan Marks' article confirms this), he said that this was not about the mosque, but about the larger issue of combatting extremist, jihadist versions of Islam. I have come to rely on the Jewish Week as one of the more reasonable voices in the Jewish media. Unfortunately, it now appears that even the Jewish Week is not above sacrificing the integrity of someone's words about a very sensitive issue when an inflammatory headline might better attract attention.
Actually, the only Jews opposing the Muslim Center are rightwing, Likudnik Zionists, orthodox Jewish bigots, and aging Islamaphobes like Marty Peretz. But then again, you probably find Muslim Center supporter Leon Wieseltier to be a "leftist extremist." He'll get a kick out of that when I see him at shul. As the Rambam says, the sick taste the bitter as sweet and the sweet as bitter. For Wieseltier's excellent article in full, see
you are so wrong Jeremiah Haber, and so is basman, whose frustration at anyone in disagreement in the TNR blogposts basman condescended to flit into was always the same - bigot. It is the leftwing ideologues who are the real bigots.
It will not be long before the native peoples of Sweden, Denmark, Germany and France will be chased through the streets of their own cities, running for their lives as a reward for their misplaced charity and tolerance. To some degree, this is already happening.