Just Torpedo The Next Flotilla
06/04/2010 - 11:13
Jonathan Mark

The beauty of the almost unanimous international condemnation of Israel for attempting to stop the terrorist flotilla like gentlemen -- using paint guns? -- instead of using serious military force, should send a message to Jews: You can't win by being polite to terrorists who have a schoolyard bully mentality. Weakness brings out even more outrageous behavior in bullies.

Next flotilla that violently resists a search -- just sink it. Torpedo it. See how many more flotillas follow. The condemnation won't be any different. Better that than even one more Jew being injured while boarding these floating Jenins.

Few events in recent decades have illuminated the complete hypocrisy of the world. There is nothing that Israel can do or could have done that would stop the next diplomatic ambush. So start acting tough. Call off all peace talks and "proximilty" talks, just like the Palestinians do or threaten to do for "provocations" far less grievous than the Arab-orchestrated gang-up of the past week. If the Palestinians demand a freeze on settlements and construction in Jerusalem before any talks, Israel should demand an end to incitement and nonsense like these fake humanitarian stunts. Throw Obama's go-between, George Mitchell, out of the country. Start building again in the settlements and Jerusalem. Obama treats enemies better than friends, so don't be afraid of him, especially with midterm elections coming. And sink the next flotilla -- and the one after that.

If the peace process is so important to the United States, Obama will have to start figuring out a way to make Israel feel less isolated and demonized.

By Israel fighting as if their lives actually depended on it -- which it does -- Israel will, in fact, be taken more seriously by the international scholyard bullies. Bring back the "fear factor." It is the reason why in 1980 Iran released the hostages when Reagan became president, and not during Carter's presidency, because Carter was rightly seen by the Iranians as a wimp and Reagan was feared as a trigger-happy cowboy.

We are no longer in the general Euopean anti-Semitism mode but deeper into the new run-up (in the Arab mind) to the Final Solution -- the extermination of Israel. In old Germany, a Jew sitting on an Aryan park bench was as much of a criminal as a Jew who robs a bank. So we might as well rob the bank. We might as well take out Iran as take out the flotilla.

The Other Side is fearless now. If someone is going to fear anyone, make the bad guys fear Israel. Right now, too many Jews fear the world. Turn the tables. Make the bad guys think that Israel is craziest S.O.B. in the room. Make everyone wonder what the Jews will do. The world will be furious? Imagine that. Imagine winning.

All that Jews have done lately far is imagine losing. That has to end.

This is a war. Either win it or surrender now, before any one else gets hurt.

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Jonthan Mark wrote: "I never said Israel should kill civilians, as many of the comments (published and unpublished) charged. I only said Israel should respond in kind when a ship VIOLENTLY resists an Israeli search for weapons that would likely be used against Israelis on the homefront." That's no quite true is it? Are you trying to say that 'responding in kind' means the response to (a) people using poles to beat back invading men armed with real guns (they didn't ONLY have paint guns and you know that), and despite disarming some of these men, did NOT execute them. is (b) torpedoes. Talk about 'shoot and cry' mentality, this takes the biscuit. The hard talk and macho posturing does not impress. This rant of yours is a sign of weakness, not strength, courage or wisdom.
Shoot and cry... if you keep telling yourself that your destruction is at hand, you will see all your actions as justified. Trying to whip up more paranoia in the Israeli public will corrupt the country even further. The mental gymnastics required to repeatedly justify each atrocity eventually takes its toll on the mental health of the people and the IDF. Trying to pretend that flotillas carrying aid, and no guns, raided by armed commandos present a threat to Israel is lunacy. Trying to paint the commandos as victims, when they killed people who did not open fire on their boats or helicopters, and did nothing other than resist being boarded by armed men in the night, in international waters is delusional.
It is a shame that the Israeli cabinet is putting more energy into shoring up a failed blockade (what has it actually achieved?) than trying to defuse and improve the political context behind it. Is it really worth breaking the alliances with Turkey and Egypt? Is it worth losing the support of the EU, Russia and now the US over it? Gaza is rapidly becoming Israel's Vietnam, and apparently Netanyahu and Barak are OK with this. I wish the Israeli people luck over the coming five years. They will need it.
My dear friend, Yes, you are! As all beings are my friends, I might not appreciate all your views and opinions but I can see that you are not happy. The lesson to learn here is not about fighting. It is about a deeper understanding of human kind. The drama that unfolds here is the training camp for the soul for each of us. We have the opportunity to learn compassion and consideration. Yes, there is a chance of peace, if we allow ourselves to be governed by our inherent value of compassion. Some might gloat about the misfortune Israel has brought about herself, but that is as evil as the deeds of the Government of Israel itself. The seed must die if it shall bring forth fruit. There will be a New Jerusalem and a dawn of peace. But it will be a Jerusalem for all and there will be no hate and a peace beyond the comprehension of mind will prevail in the hearts of all. D.Koch
Just about the whole world with the exception of the USA has had enough of Israeli terrorism and their constant endeavours to appear as the victim. So much nonsense has come from the Israeli government and their agencies in regards to this atrocity. Israel's problem is that people will start to question their version of history going right back to 1948
Or, Jonathan, maybe the Gaza blockade is wrong. Maybe the Israeli military attack on the activists. Maybe the international community was right to condemn those things. One thing is for certain: your readership is not the enemy. If you want to win us over, you'll have to use logic, not violent speech and fearmongering. The extermination of Israel is not at hand. A new Final Solution is not at hand. You want our President to figure out a way to make Israel feel less demonized and isolated? Help him out by suggesting something besides unthinking rage.
I'm agree with everything said in this article.
Are you serious? You are advocating shooting and killing civilians? Israel already is the most powerful nation in the middle east. Israel already has killed and imprisoned thousands of Palestinians. Nothing new in what you are saying, sadly. We are just asking Israel, now that it is so powerful, to show some compassion to the people whose lands and water and towns it has occupied.
I never said Israel should kill civilians, as many of the comments (published and unpublished) charged. I only said Israel should respond in kind when a ship VIOLENTLY resists an Israeli search for weapons that would likely be used against Israelis on the homefront. I never suggest that Israel resort to violence except when Israeli navel personnel are attacked first. Once Israel is attacked, the attackers should be called terrorists, soldiers or militants, but not civilians. 
Jonathan articulates correctly what needs to be done. Whatever Israel does, it should act in a way that communicates to the jihadists that strength and fearless courage will outsmart wimpiness. We Jews are hated by many in this world and it is time to stop "asskissing."