Israel Surrenders - Blockade Eased Without Shalit
06/20/2010 - 18:33
Jonathan Mark

Israel did what it was told, giving in on the blockade without getting anything back, not even a Red Cross visit for Shalit, so everyone can feel better about themselves -- particularly those leftist American Jews who have had such a hard time supporting Israel lately -- except Shalit and his family won't feel better about themselves, Shalit still is in his his fourth year of isolated suffering, getting nothing out of this.

We'll see how much pressure anyone keeps on Hamas to release Shalit. Everyone who wanted Israel to be "smart," well, this is what they asked for. Let's see how much the pro-Beinart bloggers will ever mention Shalit again. And now let's see if it works for Shalit or if this whole episode will be exposed as yet another scamming of Israel. The Palestinians see this for what it is, a sign that they can take even more chances  -- with Israel increasingly being stripped of its right to self-defense.

But really, why should anyone mention Shalit? Even Israel's President Shimon Peres says there are no Jews left in Gaza until he says there is one Jew left -- Shalit. Ehud Barak says, there is only one person in Gaza in need of humanitarian aid. Let's see how many news stories, editorials and bloggers will mention that person's name. So far, many of the news stories aren't mentioning him at all.

What if you-know-who was your kid?

If there was any proof that the Jewish feeling for another Jew as if he was your own. the feeling best exemplified by the Soviet Jewry movement, is an era that is dead and gone, just look at the Jewish reaction to that kid in Gaza. One kid, chad Gadya.  Without day schools and summer camps bussing kids in, you could fit a rally for that kid in your living room. After all, he's someone else's child and why care more for him than you flinched for Rachel Corrie or all the other young people in Gaza?

After you finish cheering Israel for easing the blockade, an easing that makes everyone feel better, take a look at this..  



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Why do only liberal responses get published here??
certainly one is compelled to feel bad for gilad shalit and his family, but if he is being exploited for political ends by his hamas, he is also being exploited for political ends by the israeli right and their american sympathizers. the gaza blockade as it was being enforced only served to strengthen hamas and hurt ordinary palestinians. like all terrorist organizations, hamas' power grows as people grow more despondent. hopefully this sensible easing of the blockade will allow hospitals, schools, and houses to be rebuilt after being destroyed in the 2008 siege; more food will be available, preventing the looming humanitarian crisis that was already starting to show with 60% of children having anemia; most importantly, it will give people a little bit more to hope for, and hope is indeed poison to hamas' politics of death. what the blockade did to ordinary palestinians went completely against jewish teachings about compassion, as well as the history of our own oppression. it is shameful to exploit the suffering of one man, gilad shalit, to justify the oppression of an entire people. may gilad one day see freedom, may israelis and palestinians both see a peaceful future, and may bitter bloggers learn the true meaning of humanity.