Come On-A My House: Israel's GOP Firewall In The New Congress
11/03/2010 - 14:38
Jonathan Mark

The good guys have won the House. Here, in no uncertain terms, is exactly what this will mean for Israel

When it comes to foreign policy, here are ten to watch in the new Congress. Not all of these Republicans lead Israel's parade, but a most important development in the last Congress was the increasing disparity between Republicans and Democrats regarding Israel, with Republicans being far more likely to promote, speak up, and sign resolutions supportive of Israel's defense policies.

It is a dangerous development, the idea that support for Israel is no longer as bipartisan as it used to be, but it no longer is. Surely, the rush by Democrats in Congress to get in line behind a president they not only supported but were infatuated by, had something to do with the trend, as Obama made pressuring Israel and placating Palestinians the centerpiece of his foreign policy. His pro-Arab tilt has taken many Democrats over the cliff with him. 

In fairness, some supporters of Obama's pro-Palestinian policy did win. Keith Ellison, the leftist Muslim Democrat from Minnesota, won reelection with endorsements not only from Obama's Jewish lobby, J Street, but from CAIR (the Council on American-Islamic Relatons), recently named to  ADL's Top Ten Most Anti-Israel Groups In The United States.

Ellison represents what Obama calls "the party of 'no.'" Ellison refused to support a House resolution opposing the infamous and anti-Israel Goldstone Report (Nov. 3, 2009). And Ellison refused to support the Hoyer-Cantor bipartisan letter supporting Israel's right to defend herself (March 26, 2010).

It's beautiful to see that CAIR and J Street could agree on supporting Ellison. "Hinei Ma Tov," say the Islamophile Democrat rabbis, "How beautiful it is when brothers can lie together in peace." 

Now Ellison and the CAIR crowd are in the House minority and these guys -- thanks to the American people -- are not.


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When the call goes out to take up arms against J Street, I will be first on line.
An amusing fact , this article was originally titled : "Protecting Jews From J Street: Israel's GOP Firewall In Congress" Yet it was subsequently changed to : "Come On-A My House: Israel's GOP Firewall In The New Congress" Google indexed both page titles. I personally think you should have left the original "Protecting Jews from J Street" title so the reader could more easily identify this article as the biased smear peace it is.