In Indonesia, Where Israelis Can't Enter, Obama Tells Jews Where They Can't Live
11/11/2010 - 09:03
Jonathan Mark

In Democratic circles, it is scandalous to join a club that excludes women, say, or blacks or gays. The New York Times, a few years ago, devoted dozens of articles, many on the front page, to the horror of the Master's Tournament being held in a golf club for men only, in Augusta, Georgia.

The same high standards don't apply to places excluding Jews. This past week Obama --  now called "Imam Obama" by Rush Limbaugh, now called Abu Hussein by Hamas -- visited Indonesia, the most populous Muslim country, where Israeli aren't allowed to visit. Did Obama say anything about Indonesia's treatment of Israelis and Jews in the course of his pandering and groveling, as is his norm when speaking to Muslims? Of course not. He didn't scold Indonesia. He scolded Israel. He made a point of saying Jews should not live in parts of Jerusalem that didn't have his approval. As if that's any of his business.

Exactly why is that Barack Hussein Obama's business? If Indonesia's anti-Semitic policies are not for him to discuss, why is Jerusalem his business, except that this son of Indonesia, this son of a Muslim, the step-son of another Muslim, clearly sees himself as the Palestinians' water carrier.

(The question is not whether Obama is a practicing Muslim. The question is, to what extent is he prejudiced in favor of his family's Islamic culture and attitudes, as so many of us tend to embrace the culture and attitudes of own families. Except his family is Islamic, a culture that is at war with Israel. We were bulldozed by Jewish leaders in 2008 to think this shouldn't make a difference. Clearly those Jewish leaders were wrong.)

Obama beieves that Israel must engage in non-stop "confidence building" for Palestinians. At the same time, he demands nothing that might give Israelis more confidence in either him, or his neo-Munich peace process.

Of course, "Progressive" Jews don't give a damn that Israelis are banned from Indonesia. Have you seen one Jewish paper, or blogger, or organization, say anything at all about that? These Jews shouldn't call themselves "Progressives," they should call themselves "Regressives," because they're a throwback to the days when Jews were timid and deferential, the days when demanding that Jews be treated as equals and with dignity was left to the heroic few,

Imagine if Obama visited a country where black Africans were denied entry, or gays were denied entry.

Would black journalists or gay journalists let that pass without protest, without even a comment, no matter how much they liked Obama? Would any journalists have been quiet in the face of such discrimination and bullying?

What if Israel decided tomorrow to deny entry to a Muslim carrying a valid passport from any one of the 22 Arab states. Do you think we'd hear about it -- with Regressive Jews the loudest protests of all?

How embarassing can Obama's Jewish sycophants get? How can these Obama Jews ask for nothing from Obama regarding Indonesia's exclusion, and delegitimization of Israel, but then start jumping and quivering when Obama snaps at Israel about Jerusalem?

Why is The Wall Street Journal more cognizant than most Jewish newspapers and commentators of the irony and disgrace of Obama excoriating Israel while standing in a country where Israelis are excluded?

Here's part of the WSJ's editorial:

"Why Mr. Obama chose to pick this fight from the distance of Southeast Asia is anyone's guess. Israel's decision to proceed with the building of some 1,000 housing units in the Har Homa neighborhood of municipal Jerusalem—a 'settlement' only in the most jaundiced sense of the term—was made in October. Israeli governments of both the right and left have encouraged similar building projects since Jerusalem was reunified in 1967. And construction of the new housing will not begin for months if not years.

"None of that deterred Mr. Obama, who warned the Israeli government that 'this kind of activity is never helpful when it comes to peace negotiations.' The State Department also chimed in, saying it was 'deeply disappointed,' while Palestinian spokesman Saeb Erekat added that the new construction proves 'that Israel chooses settlements, not peace.' This is the same Mr. Erekat who recently wrote an admiring letter to Ahmed Sa'adat, the mastermind of the 2001 assassination of an Israeli cabinet member.

"All Israel has done is insist that Jews have a right to live anywhere in their capital city, something that might be controversial in Ramallah but ought not to be in Washington. Mr. Obama's public endorsement of the Palestinian view of what constitutes a settlement only puts the negotiated peace he seeks further out of reach.

"Meanwhile, the Indonesian government forbids Israeli citizens from visiting their country. If Mr. Obama wants to bridge the distance between Jakarta and Jerusalem, maybe he can start with that one."


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Salam Hormat (Indonesia Langguage means Greetings)
First was Very Rare the Indonesians know What it Is Israel,even the person Israel we can not idetinfy.
Secondly we do sentiment anty semit but we dont know What is Jewish,I give example The Trader from Minangkabau (West Sumetera-Indo Province) was Called Sumatera Jewish because he do dilligent and smart.
So there is many things than Indonesia dont know about Israel,so no reeason for hostility.Indonesian Wise word said To have 1000 Friends still not enough to have happynes but one enemies will make yours live screamy for long live.
Good Luck,there was Light future

obama is Indonesian. See barry soetoro. Studied Islam there.
Rick, your comment "I know Jews are liberals", just about says it all .... about you. Prejudice (meaning to pre-judge) and stereotyping personified.
It is no secret that Obama, who was influenced by Islam as well as radical Black Liberation Theology, in addition to individuals like Bill Ayers, Rashid Khalili, Jeremiah Wright, Louis Farrakhan, and Edward Said, is immensely hostile to Israel and the Jews. The fact of the matter is that Obama is an enigmatic man, and we have to judge him based on his influences. I know Jews are liberals. But Jews should either not vote or vote Republican in 2012, just once. We should send a strong signal to him: stop appeasing tyrants like A'jad at the expense of moderate Muslims and states and stop pressing Israel to make unilateral concessions that embolden its enemies and jeopardize its security as well as, ultimately, America's.
where is your condemndation of bush's 2008 visit to saudi arabia, the award they presented him with, his holding hands with, and kissing, one of the world's anti-semites, leader of a nation that also bans israelis and funds murderers of israelis and others??? where is your editorial on the bush and neo-con relationships with the corrupt arab oil regimes that would just as soon see israel blown off the map? your 'son of muslim' rhetoric and double standard where Obama is concerned is offensive to millions of Jews, not to mention patently absurd. policy disputes or even disputes with a particular israeli head of state do not equate to the nonsense you write about here, and financial support for, rhetoric in support of, and attempts to bring a secure peace to Israel all continue unabated under this administration. you should be ashamed of yourself writing this kind of tripe.
Obama is following in the footsteps of another famous anti-Israel one term president, Jimmy carter. Carter continues to travel the world and use very venue possible to criticize and blame israel fr all the ills of the Arabs in geenral and Palestinians in particular. He gets up on his soap box in Syria, Saudia Arabia and other such friendly countries that have no freedom of speach, spouting his venom, but never calling the Arabs and Palestinins to task for their own responsibility in terrorism, jihad, intolerance, mysogeny, no free speach, and lack of peace with ISrael. Enter Obama whose world tour (Indonesia, Cairo, etc) of bashing Israel and not calling the Arabs to task is as much a source of the lack of peace talks between Israel and the Arabs as anything else.
The issue is not just Israel. "Schindler's List" was banned in Indonesia, as was the movie, "Independence Day" because the hero was Jewish! This is the democracy that Obama praised? The fact that he has Jewish apologists is disgusting. Furthermore, as to Har Homa, that land was legally purchased from Arabs by an American Jew. It is not Obama's business what Jews in Israel do with their land! Incidentally, why is there no moratorium on Palestinian building? It is not their land. There was never, ever an Arab Palestine. There was never an Arab Palestine, other than Jordan, prior to 1967. Why does Obama, and his Judenreit supporters, feel obliged to bash Israel, particularly in light of the Palestinian's continued call to destroy Israel, and the Palestinian declaration that they will be an exclusively Islamic country? Wher is Obama when Abbas celebrates terrorists who have killed Jews? Where is Obama when Abbas says that Judea and Samaria are only the first step? Where is Obama when hatred of Jews is taught in the Palestinian schools? Where is Obama when the Elders of Zion is required reading in Arab schools? Worse, why are the Reform Rabbis siding with a man so bigoted against Israel? Because he is a Democrat? If these rabbis cannot be loyal to our Jewish brethren, then maybe they should resign their overpaid positions, and formally become what they already really are....Democratic Party Operatives, who have no regard for Israel or the problems of the Jewish people.

I am a Muslim and Indonesian and I and my family watch Schindler's List and Independence Day. I have Minangkabau blood in my vein. All materials you wrote above about prejudices are obsolete. No place for prejudices in our national system of democracy and Minangkabau culture. We do not hate Jews, no anti-semite here like in Europe. We just do not like Zionism as an illegal geopolitical movement. You just google and find some Jews used to live in Padang and seveal cities in Indonesia and have their synagogue in Surabaya, East Java. It is simply not about Jews, but Zionism instead. Make peace with Palestinians and live your life with quality all over the world where everybody would welcome. Zionism does not give others reasons but only for antipathy against Israelites. This I hope would respresents majority views of Indonesian people sufficiently. Todah rabah.

Hey Mr. Mark: Enough of your constant demonizing of Obama--stop pretending he's an anti-Semite. Meanwhile, where's your vitriol or outrage at Glenn Beck this week? If a lefty were saying these things, you'd be calling him a Haman or worse....
I watched Glen Beck this week and found nothing anti-semitic in the program.. on the contrary, he spoke about the self-hating Jew George Soros. Perhaps you ought put on your listening ears wheny ou listen to Beck. or have you ever listened to him?