Which religious groups are most opposed to the "Ground Zero" Islamic Center? Hint: Not the Jews
11/10/2010 - 17:01
James Besser

American Jews are the group most opposed to the proposed Islamic center near Ground Zero in Manhattan, right?

Well, maybe not, says a new Gallup poll which concludes “American faith communities are split on the best way to resolve the disagreement” over the center's location.

According to Gallup data, “Muslims, Jews, other non-Christians and non-religious Americans are more likely to favor retaining the current location as originally conceived, or transforming the center into an interfaith institution.”

Catholics and Mormons are most opposed to building the center in the proposed location, the poll reports, followed by Protestants.

Some 63 percent of Catholics and 62 percent of Mormons believe the center's builders should “find another location” according to the poll; 43 percent of the Jews gave that answer.

But Jews weren't exactly enthusiastic supporters of that location; instead, 25 percent answered “build on the proposed location” and 28 percent said the project should be changed to an “interfaith institution.”

“Approximately 45 percent of U.S. Muslims, other non-Christians (apart from Muslims and Jews) and atheists/agnostics said the center should move forward with the proposed location, despite opposition voices,” Gallup wrote. “In contrast, the slight majority of Jewish Americans who do not believe the center should relocate are about evenly divided between retaining the current location and turning the center into an interfaith institution owned by a coalition of religious groups.”

Over at his Spiritual Politics blog, Mark Silk, a professor of religion and public policy, theorizes that “Catholicism very much regards the creation of a place of worship as the establishment of spiritual control over territory.”

Mormons, he reports, were the least supportive of changing the Islamic center into an interfaith center “because, well, Mormons do not do interfaith.”



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@madmemere: there is another well-known group in the U.S. which shares your views .. they are known as the KKK. They also hate Jews, African Americans, Hispanics ... they pretty much hate everybody, but at least they are consistent. In a multi-cultural country like America citizens must be able to lay prejudices aside and at least be tolerant and accepting of other's differences whether they are racial, religious, sexual, gender, political or what have you. Without this tolerance our freedoms do not work properly and our society would always be in a state of dysfunction or worse civil strife. I suggest if you are not willing to accept Americans as Americans wherever they come from or whatever they believe that you strongly consider finding another country to call your home. We don't need your type here.
The mosque, proposed for Ground Zero, would be better suited to some barren Arizona desert, or even Death Valley, CA - -better still, NOT AT ALL! Muslims and islam are a serious threat to the safety and security of all America. The muslim immigration gate should be closed, locked and the key thrown away! All US citizenship, attained by muslims, in the last 30 to 40 years, should be revoked and every last one shipped back to where ever they came from-WITHOUT EXCEPTION! Their "job" according to their quran, is to overtake the world and kill off the "infidel" (US)! Attacks, by islamists, against the US and US interests DID NOT begin in the late 60's, or early 70's, as we once thought. That war began, in 1938, or 1939, when Hitler begain enlisting muslims into his Waffen and his "Jewish Solution Team"! The only "good" muslim, is either dead, or still lives in the middle east and minds his own business. Islam IS NOT a religion, it is a fascist ideology; their quran IS NOT a holy book-it's the compilation of journalings by a heathen lunatic!