Which Jewish group is the big winner in Facebook activism?
11/05/2010 - 09:18
James Besser

Social media is the new currency of political activism. And which Jewish group has the most in the bank?

No, it's not the AJC or the ADL. Take a look at Facebook for the answer: it's Americans for Peace Now (APN), which currently has 17,039 Facebook users who “like” the pro-peace process organization.

AIPAC, the big pro-Israel lobby, isn't far behind with 16,229 fans, but let's face it: AIPAC has a lot more resources to work with than little APN. An informal survey puts J Street in third place with 10,210 fans; most of the other Jewish groups active on Facebook are way down in the triple digits, if that.

Noam Shelef is APN's media guru; he said the goal of the big social media effort is to make the group “reachable and approachable to a very big audience.”

In the old days, a small group like APN had a hard problem affording serious outreach – which involve printing and mailing costs, sending speakers out on tour, maybe some radio and television advertising.

Today's social media gives such groups a way to present themselves to vast, globe-spanning audiences of activists – and potential donors.

And like most groups that are using social media effectively, APN strives to use Facebook, Twitter and other sites to “build a community,” not just advertise itself, Shelef said.

APN also has a revamped Web site with a lot of interactive features.

Leaders of "establishment" Jewish organizations, who fret a lot about not connecting with younger Jews, should take notice.

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This will be a very wierd question. May I ask Why President Obama does not like The Jewish people? Why did he disrespect Mr. Netanyahu when he came to visit the White House and President Obama said to him "I have a meeting to go to"? Then turned his back on Netanyahu. Now Obama is visiting these Muslim Countries and as BBC said "Touting His Horn to the Muslims" in India... I thought the President of the United States was supposed to keep Peace between the two Countries... He has not even vistied Yisrael, (or maybe I am wrong) yet he seems to be only for the Muslims and the Jewish people. Why should Israel stop building according to President Obama? I could be totally wrong yet I see a President that does not support Israel as Mr. Clinton did. This President has done nothing for the people of the United States as far as jobs. The Republicans dislike him,no one seems to get along in the White House they all have left his Cabiniet. I think i I have said enough. Baffled
You are attacked. You win. You gain land. You keep the land, especially when you have an historic claim to the land.