Texas Gov. Perry: Gulf oil spill could be 'act of God.'
05/04/2010 - 07:11
James Besser

 Can you believe this guy?

According to Politico, Texas Gov. Rick Perry, a Republican, is now arguing that the Gulf of Mexico oil spill may have been an “act of God.”

That's what Perry told a Chamber of Commerce audience in Washington; his concern, apparently, is that the federal government might decide that the benefits of expanded offshore drilling might not be worth the cost of wrecked fisheries and other natural habitats, slimed beaches and countless workers thrown out of work. Imagine.

What next? Will Pat Robertson announce that the spill is the result of gays in the military?

I'm guessing the  Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism won't be impressed with Perry's unusual theology. 

The massive and as-yet-uncontrolled oil spill – which now may threaten East Coast areas as well as the Gulf –  could give a boost to  the RAC's campaign urging  President Obama to abandon his plans for expanded offshore exploration and drilling.

“As the ongoing spill off the Gulf Coast shows yet again, there is no such thing as clean and safe offshore oil drilling,” the group said. “Yet the Obama Administration has announced plans to open hundreds of miles of coastline to this dangerous and destructive practice. At a time when we need energy policies that protect our health, our environment, and our long-term energy security, we must call for an end to - not an expansion of - offshore drilling.”

Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.) agrees with the Reform group - which generally likes Obama administration policies, but draws the line on his energy plans.

“This spill is an example of the dangers posed by offshore oil drilling,” she said. “I have consistently stood in opposition to the expansion of drilling off the coast of Florida, which, as this oil rig explosion has shown us, could easily bring spilled oil along Florida’s western and eastern coasts via the Gulf loop current.”

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An act of Elohim? Not exactly . . . If we look at the Exodus events we can see the hand of Elohim and the hands of men. Turn a stick into a snake? Yes, yes, we can do that! Turn the river into blood? Yes, yes, we can do that too! A plague of frogs? Sure, we can add to the plague!Turn the dust into lice? Oh yes, yes! Man can mimic almost every disaster brought upon the people of Egypt. But only the Most High can turn things around. If I were an Egyptian magician, I wouldn't want to be increasing the plagues on my people. If I had the power, I would want to be decreasing the damage. But no. The magicians either were not able to heal the land, or they did not care to do so. But the Almighty was ready to heal, ready to repair, ready to shuv, himself, at every sign of repentance. So, act of Elohim, or act of men, the answer would be the same. Return to the Elohim of Israel. Return to Torah. Find - and activate the kindness and compassion that surpasses all understanding. And He will then act on our behalf.
I agree with the RAC and Rep. Schultz on this one. The rough weather and seas may have been an "act of G_d", but the rig is made by humans and should have been strong enough to withstand the problems. There is really no such thing as "failsafe" when it comes to something that is so devastating to our environment. The people of the gulf region are just waiting for the terrible environmental and economic impact.