Pro-immigration forces' worst nightmare about to come true
11/29/2010 - 17:48
James Besser

 If you're among that Jewish faction – formerly a majority, now we're not so sure – that favors fairly liberal immigration policies and sees comprehensive immigration reform including a path to citizenship for some here illegally as a political priority, your worst nightmare is about to come true.

As the Daily Beast reports today, Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa), whose positions on illegal immigration earned him the wrath of the Anti-Defamation League,  will probably become the top House player on the immigration issue when the Republicans take over in January.

The article cites just a few King controversies. Example: “In 2006, he appeared in the House carrying a miniature replica of a border fence—it looked like King's entry in the science fair. Running along the top of King's mini-fence was a wire he said would be filled with electrical current. 'We do that with livestock all the time,' King explained.”

Here's what the ADL had to say about King in a report entitled Immigrants Targeted: Extremist Rhetoric Moves into the Mainstream:

Representing Iowa in the United States House of Representatives, Congressman Steve King* (R-IA) has characterized immigrants – both legal and undocumented – as criminals and disease-carriers. He has spoken alongside leaders of border vigilante groups and advocated a border “wall” topped with electrified wire to stop what he has called a “slow motion Holocaust” of undocumented immigration into the United States. King addressed the House of Representatives and asserted that undocumented immigration is “a slow-rolling, slow-motion terrorist attack on the United States.” He suggested that because undocumented immigrants comprise 28% of the prison population, “28 percent of the murders, 28 percent of the rapes, 28 percent of the violence and the assaults and battery, first- and second-degree murder and also manslaughter attacks are committed by criminal aliens.

I'm guessing this change isn't going to go down well with groups like the American Jewish Committee and HIAS, either. Both argue for compassionate treatment of all immigrants, legal and illegal, and have made comprehensive immigration reform a priority in recent years.

As they say, it ain't gonna happen. Not in any event with the Republicans riding the Tea Party tidal wave to control of the House, especially not with King as chair of the Judiciary Subcommittee on Citizenship, Refugees, Immigration, and Border Security. 

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yes, that is correct. If the dream act is passed, and i hope it wont be, sorry. Then the President MUST act on CIR. Family unity , the dream act, worker program is all in the CIR bill. Lets us NOT let him off the hook! shame on him "Pressing for the dream act" WHAT ABOUT THE REST OF US? i am a 4th gen american citizen (more if you count the Cherokee) my husband is from mexico. He has to wait 10 for his visa to come to the united states! CRAZY! We need family unity! I am disabled and we have 2 small children together who cannot go to see daddy anymore due to the violence in mexico. I support the dream act, but i feel that american citizens should come first. I am angry that the Pres would do this first! VERY angry. And i like the guy, but now i am doubtful....WHAT IS HE THINKING? EXECUTIVE ORDER, is this possible? DO it! i want my husband and the kids need their dad! W. Hess
If it is impossible to pass comprehensive immigration reform in 2011, Obama should legalize/parole the undocumented immigrants using his executive powers and issue an executive order. The Dream act must be blocked so as to keep comprehensive immigration reform on the table and not let Obama off the hook.
The leadership of most Jewish organizations are completely out of touch. More Jews prefer enforcement over amnesty. Nothing in Jewish law calls for amnesty The ADL cares more about promoting leftist causes than dealing with the increasing number of anti-Jewish violence. In 2009, 72% of religiously-motivatated hate crimes were perpetrated against Jews. This wave has been worsened by immigration of those hostile to Jews, but the ADL wants to import more. This has nothing to do with Halakha, Jewish tradition or interest. It is leftism and the ADL remain shameless in using antisemitism as a bully pulpit to pursue other agendas. Of course the shame is not just that of Foxman et all. Has the author of this piece, James Besser considered getting a comment from any Jew in support of patriotic immigration reform? Does Mr. Besser need assistance get hold of Stephen Steinlight from the Center for Immigration Studies, Dan Stein from the Federation of Americans for Immigration Reform? The Jewish Week has run a letter by Steinlight this month and has interviewed him in the past. Why not here? Why present only one side of an attack that amounts to crying racism to end debate? The readers of the Jewish Week deserve better. They deserve the truth and open debate in the stories, not just letter seen fit to be run.