Malaprop Bachmann On 'Palestine'
07/08/2011 - 17:37
Douglas Bloomfield

Michelle Bachmann has a well-earned reputation for bungling facts, like confusing Concord, Mass., with Concord, N.H., and movie legend John Wayne with mass murderer John Wayne Gacy, but it would be a mistake to read much into most such incidents beyond sloppy thinking and perhaps a lack of brain-mouth coordination.

Her latest gaffe was to refer to "peace negotiations between Israel and Palestine." For many of Israel's hardline friends that would be a shonda; she should have said "Palestinians."

I'm sure that's what the presidential wannabe, who has said she "grew up with a love for Israel," meant to say. The whole thing should be treated as just another Bachmann blunder and dropped, but I can't help wondering if someone on the left had made the same gaffe would they be accused of having inadvertently revealed their true thinking and mercilessly attacked for being anti-Israel?

And what does that say about the quality of political discourse today?



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"and movie legend John Wayne with mass murderer John Wayne Gacy,"
Bloomfield just made his own mistake. John Wayne's family is from Waterloo, MN and Wayne was born in a neighboring county. For people in small towns, such a connection to a celebrity makes them a local. Bachmann's error was forgetting that the media would creata gaffe when none existed.

Speaking of which, Bachmann has one of the best pro-Israel records in Congress, better than many Jews in Congress. But Bloomfield believe he should mislead Jews.

Are you kidding me. Bachmann is has pro-Israel has they come. And if you wanted to add up Obamas and Bidens gaffes you wouldn't have enough room.

Journalists like Bloomfield would be wise to watch their proverbial 'mouths'. Many Americans already anticipate a very nasty campaign for President between Obama and the Republican candidate who emerges victorious from the primaries. We all were witnesses to the left-wing maligning of Sarah Palin during and after her campaign for Vice President. I would argue that the liberal media smears of Palin continue till this day even though she is not running for anything. Regardless of one's political leanings, one has to wonder how much of the over-the-top savaging of Palin is because of her female gender. Is the liberal media sexist and was Sarah Palin a victim? Now, along comes another successful, intelligent, women political leader - Michelle Bachmann - who is gaining traction with the American people. I promise Mr. Bloomfield that Americans are watching the media commentary and analyses of Michelle Bachmann. If people become convinced that the media is unfair to and biased against competent Republican women candidates, the gloves will come off and the fight will be engaged. Americans don't like sexism, even when it originates with the National Organization of Women. You remember that liberal organization which smeared Paula Jones and came to the aid of Bill Clinton when he sexually harassed her and was proved to have lied about it. Oh yea, Americans don't like hypocrites, either.