Jeff Goldberg on Glenn Beck's 'Jewish problem'
01/18/2011 - 11:42
James Besser

Atlantic blogger Jeff Goldberg stirs the pot today with his item on “Glenn Beck's Jewish Problem,” citing the Fox news commentator's “recent naming of nine people -- eight of them Jews -- as enemies of America and humanity”

Most of Beck's targets are “already the targets of straightforward attacks in the dark, anti-Semitic corners of the Web,” he writes, so it's hard to believe Beck didn't know his list was top heavy with members of the Tribe.

A complicating factor: “Beck has not crossed a certain line, by identifying his targets openly as Jewish. Nevertheless, this, to me, is a classic case of anti-Semitic dog-whistling. Beck is speaking to a certain constituency, and the thought has now crossed my mind that this constituency understands the clear implications of what Beck is saying.”

This leads to a difficult question that could define the job for the ADL and other “defense organizations” in this age of angry talk shows, cable news commentaries and blogs: what do you do about those who profess love for the Jewish people and for Israel, but whose ideology echoes age-old canards about malevolent Jewish conspiracies?  Is it mere coincidence that so many of the arch villains named by conservative commentators are Jewish, or a new strain of the old virus of anti-Semitism?

Isn't this sort of parallel to the question of what do to about those evangelical Christians who are brimming over with love for Zion but also believe Bible prophecy demands that the Jews undergo a new Holocaust before a remnant see the error of their ways and convert to Christianity?

It's a complicated world out there, for sure.

Goldberg ends on an ominous note: “My modest suggestion to those Jews who fear the building of mosques in American cities is that they look elsewhere for threats that seem to be gathering against them.

The Jewish Funds for Justice is continuing its relentless campaign to get Beck fired; read about it here.

Meanwhile, a new Washington Post / ABC poll shows that “Americans overwhelmingly describe the tone of political discourse in the country as negative, verging on angry.”

What tipped them off, do you suppose?

Before we change subjects, here's another piece of important reading: Walter Shapiro's Politics Daily explanation for the "paranoid" mood of the nation and the rise of anti-government rage.

The bottom line, he writes: "This has been a ghastly century.” With the debacle of a 2000 presidential election decided by the Supreme Court, the 9/11 terrorist attack, the collapse of the economy, the eroding middle class and changing demographics it's  “[s]mall wonder that we live in an era where all incentives in politics are to peddle simplistic solutions to insoluble problems."

The result: “A national dialogue that has all the subtlety of a steel-cage debate between Michael Moore and Ann Coulter.”


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It's not been very long since the demolition of the left's delusion that Rush Limbaugh was responsible for Congresswoman Giffords' shooting. Now pops up this bunch demanding that Glenn Beck be kicked off the air. Shutting up an intellectual adversary is increasingly the left's interpretation of The American Way. So, Beck is antisemitic because he is anti George Soros? Beck seems to see Soros as an evil force in the world. Did he interpret one incident in Mr. Soros's early life in the worst light -- Yes he did. Was it fair to Mr. Soros probably not. George Soros is a secular Jew who seems to have no real interest in the religion or culture of the Jewish people. Beck attacked this one individual NOT all Jews. Who has designated Soros as a representative or symbol of all Jews? Is an attack on ANY Jew, rightly or wrongly, a sign of antisemitic thoughts and beliefs? This is a political attack on a political person, by Beck. Beck says he is in the process of exposing the progressive political system that he thinks is bad for the country. Mr Soros is at the nexus of this movement Beck seeks to expose. Using the puppet-master as a villain has been used often in political arguments as well as comic books. Even if Beck is wrong in this attack, most of his exposure of Mr. Soros' interlocking organizations and "charities" seems accurate. Soros gives the appearance of a man on a mission using his money and connections to "change" America. Maybe some sunshine needs to be directed at this man. Seems the regular media shows no interest since they seem to agree with him. Is JFSJ acting at the behest of Soros since there is little evidence that Beck is against ALL Jews or ANY Jews other than George Soros. If the idea is an attack on one is an attack on all well that may be a position taken by some. Beck has never shown any antipathy to any Jew except Soros. They want to get Beck kicked off because he's anti-Soros. I suggest that the Jewish Fund For Justice go back to Civic's class and read about free speech. But, what can you expect from a bunch of union hacks and community organizers that are in the pay of George Soros.
What else would one expect from a Soros-paid shill and lackey like this Goldberg fellow? Beck is a thorn in his side, so he creates and funds "unbiased" organizations like Media Matters and J Street and others to promote his radical views and to oppose anyone who disagrees with him. FEEEH!!!
There is nothing anti-Semitic about what Glenn Beck says. I am Jewish and I disagree with Goldberg. I watch Beck's show. He doesn't give opinion, he points you in the direction to see for yourself. I have seen videos, heard audio, read published books, reports and commentary by those on the far left. THEY are the scary ones. George Soros declared his mother a bigot, not Glenn Beck. Those who accuse Beck have never seen his show. Beck seldom gives his opinion without showing you clear and compelling evidence why he feels as he does. I am embarrassed that so many of the far, far left are Jewish. I think the reasons can be found in Elena Kagen's socialism thesis (google it). I am sure my mother was a socialist! One day I saw Glenn Beck early in the day, then tuned into The Daily Show that evening. They had taken a clip of something that was said and placed it in a totally 180 deg position. It then appeared that he said just the opposite. I was astounded. Astonished! And people watch Stewart for the news? How very sad. It appears the author is placing guilt and blame where there is none..I seem to recall something about journolist set-ups...a phone not hung up..let's look for a [fill-in a felony] in the group of supporters.. Goldberg, try reporting facts not innuendo. You embarrass me.
Ed Rendell and Ed Lippman are Jewish? Really? I'm a politically active Jew and didn't know that. Soros isn't Jewish. He is a second-generation atheist who loved expropriating actual Jewish property as a member of the Arrow Cross. Frances Fox Piven and Andy Stern are followers of an antisemitic atheist cult known as communism. We don't count converts from Judaism as Jewish, last time I checked. Stop demeaning the term "anti-Semitism". Unless you think that condemning former Russian Orthodox seminary student Joseph Vissarionovich Jughashvili is anti-Georgian or anti-Christian.
Sadly, history is riddled with enemies lists with Jewish names. On a another note, any list which includes Ed Rendell with Sigmund Freud, and Edward Bernays actually says more about the prejudices of the list maker than any thesis he is trying to put forward.
So it's the Right that bring incivility to political discourse, is it? How about that defeated Pennsylvania Congressman (Conjorksi?) who called for the Republican gubernatorial candidate in Florida to be placed against a wall and shot?!? Thank God that Congressman was defeated in the great upheaval of November! NPR's Nina Totenberg wished that Senator Jesse Helmes AND his grandchildren should contract AIDS! And that female PBS contributor who wished Judge Clarence Thomas's wife would feed him fatty foods so he might die of a heart attack! And then there's Chris Matthews who discussed how glad he would be, watching Rush Limbaugh choke to death on his food! And O'Bama's statement: If they bring a knife to the battle, you bring a gun. Right! Great examples of civility from the Left! The Soros money stream is being wasted when we have other sources of information besides the Lame Stream Media - probably why he wants to be rid of Beck and FOXNEWS entirely.
Mr. Goldberg, Never mind that Glenn Beck has come out many times in defense of Israel. Just because the people that Glenn Beck has brought to the surface that are doing some very damaging things to the United States (and thus enemies of America) and humanity (Read Soros own book, and what he did to fellow Jews), doesn't make Beck (or anyone else that might do the same) an anti-Semite. I'm sure if Glenn was to do a top 100 list of enemies of America, there would be a lot of Christians / Muslims / Atheists / whatever your flavor of religion.... I would even think he would list someone of his own faith (Harry Reid) if he continued to name names... After reading books, or listening to interviews with Soros / Andy Stern / Cass Sunstein / Frances Fox Piven, I agree that these people (regardless of Religious Preference) are doing things [and have DONE things] that are NOT GOOD FOR AMERICA.. The fruits of their labors show it all, and their fruits are Bitter and Bad.
"Is it mere coincidence that so many of the arch villains named by conservative commentators are Jewish, or a new strain of the old virus of anti-Semitism?" As much of a coincidence as liberal bloggers naming only Jewish neoconservatives as those who led us into the Iraq War. If we're going to say that that was just criticism of those particular individuals' ideology, then we have to say the same for Glenn Beck. He was merely calling out major left-wing figures who he feels are "bad for America." Frankly, I'm not a Beck fan, nor did I agree with the neocon-haters, but no double-standards, please.
Sarah Palin Glenn Beck duet Don’t cry for me Netanyahu The truth is I never left you
The Jewish Funds for Justice is a paid mouth piece for George Soros. Why do they have ANY credibility when they are getting paid to lie & attack Glenn Beck. That group should be ignored. Using that group is as bad as believing a tobacco company funded study that states smoking is good for you. Would you trust them? NO YOU WOULD NOT. Same with THE JEWISH FUNDS FOR JUSTICE. I wonder if Goldberg has ever really listed to Glenn Beck. Not through Media Matters (George Soros pays then million to attack Glenn Beck). I bet he gets his information 3rd or 4th hand. He gets them from groups who have their paid agenda. Progressives use these terms to shut people they hate down: RACIST, HOMOPHOBES, ANTI-SEMANTIC on and on. GUESS WHAT PEOPLE you have cried wolf so many times these terms mean nothing anymore. Since when does GOLDBERG speak for all Jews? I can find many Jews who totally disagree with GOLDBERG. Instead of taking just an actor's hate filled spew. Why not actually watch & listen to Glenn Beck for 1 month. I would bet you would really disagree with Goldberg.