Gay Marriage Issue Galvanizing Orthodox Against Weprin
08/23/2011 - 09:59

We'll take a closer look at the campaign of Democrat Assemblyman David Weprin for Congress in this week's paper, but I'd be remiss in not blogging today about what I am hearing is a groundswell of anti-Weprin sentiment among the Orthodox in the district because of his vote in support of same-sex marriage in June. I am told that prominent haredi rabbis are urging a strong vote for Republican Bob Turner as a de facto protest vote against the marriage equality bill.

Compounding the anger is a sense that as an Orthodox Jew Weprin betrayed his community's beliefs, something that doesn't seem to be directed at Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, who not only supported the bill but ushered it to a vote and praised it afterward.

Bundled with the tide of anti-Obama sentiment Weprin is saddled with, the likely low turnout among people who aren't strongly motivated and the fact that a meager six points separate the two candidates, this could be significant. 

On Monday a fellow Orthodox assemblyman, Dov Hikind said he would not support Weprin because of the gay marriage issue, although only a small portion of his congressional district overlaps with the 9th Congressional District.

Republican Bob Turner opposes gay marriage and said he supports the Defense of Marriage Act passed in 1996, portions of which (related to federal recognition) have been declared unconstitutional in court challenges.



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Forget about gay marriage. Gasoline was $1.77 nationally, per gallon when the Obama took office and is now almost $3.80 and has been so for quite some time. Push Israel to the 1949 borders, prohibit drilling, and allow Black Panthers to initimidate voters. No thanks. Not voting for Obama and Weprin is a start.

Time for Jews to register as Republicans.

As an Orthodox Jew I too am deeply troubled by David Weprin's vote in support of gay marriage in the NYS Assembly. However, as an American I am even more upset with his support of Obama's tax and spend policies that are bankrupting our country. It is for the latter reason that I will be voting for Bob Turner.

It is very important that the people of God vote against Weprin. Anyone who supports gay marriage, is supporting abomination. And how very strange that neither the Health Department or the CDC has not said a word against gay marriage. Having identified that Men on Men sex is the leading spreader of Aids, where are the health alerts, where is the outrage. That earthquake we had was but a taste. The cities of Sodom and Gomorrah have been found and they are covered in brimstone, in concentrations of 98%, which is found nowhere on earth. God destroyed those cities because of homosexuality. We need men of God in power who are not afraid to stand for what is right. Bob Turner is not afraid to say he does not support gay marriage. Lets vote him in or they will be teaching children in kindergarten, as they do in Mass and are trying to do in California, that it is okay to be gay.