Arab-American Paper Endorses Ron Paul
02/25/2012 - 09:46
Douglas Bloomfield

With three of the four leading Republican presidential contenders – Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich – running as strong supporters of Israel, it comes as no surprise that the Arab American News has endorsed Ron Paul in Tuesday’s Michigan primary.

Although the Libertarian Texas congressman is an outspoken opponent of all foreign aid and an isolationist, the newspaper’s editorial writers consider him “the right man for the job” and “the best hope for even a remotely balanced policy in the troubled region that we've seen in decades.”

 “Paul has also been the only major Republican candidate to resist the type of anti-Arab, anti-Muslim, anti-immigrant demonization, fear-mongering and pandering to ultra-conservative voters in his party that has become pervasive in the post-9/11 climate,” said the editorial.

Paul will be holding a rally in Dearborn, Michigan, Monday evening sponsored by the Arab Student Union of UM-Dearborn.

The newspaper is published in Dearborn, Michigan, the city with the largest Arab-American population in the state with the second largest community in the country (California is first). The paper identifies its publisher, Osama Siblani, as "a staunch supporter of Palestinian rights and opponent of Israeli occupation and aggression."

For a larger view of the Arab-American vote in the Feb. 28 Michigan primary, read my current column in the Jerusalem Post.

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Looks to me Doug that you should start doing some independent research on the subject of Ron Paul. FYI the news is not a credible source. A good place to start would be the actual words of Dr. Paul. The ability to agree with our enemies is a clear sign of progress towards peace. I urge you to educate yourself on the impact of a Paul presidency and the influnce his foreign policy would have on peace and prosperity around the world.

Ron Paul is the lone Zionist. He believes that Israel should be a strong, independent nation -- *not* a vassal state of the USA.

Calling Ron Paul an isolationist is like calling your neighbor a hermit because he doesn't come onto your property and break your windows.

Furthermore, Ron Paul supports the sovereignty of Israel. We give many times as much foreign aid to Israel's sworn enemies than we do to Israel. So how would ending all foreign aid be a bad thing for Israel?

Benjamin Netanyahu said so himself on May25, 2011, before congress, that we didn't need to protect Israel, that Israel could take care of itself.

Where is the disconnect? Ron Paul would help Israel secure her sovereignty! WAKE UP.

Ron Paul is not an isolationist.... he is a noninterventionalist like our founding fathers were and our foreign policy was until the beginning of the cold war. Ron Paul is the only candidate that feels Israel should NOT have to ask permission to defend itself and that Israel should be treated like free and Independent nation that she.....NOT a US territory. The US does provide financial aid to Israel but actually gives over 10x the money to its enemies which obviously negates any benefits for the defense of Israel.

One minor correction. He is a non-interventionist NOT an isolationist. Major difference.

Really? Still calling Ron Paul an isolationist?

Not wanting to make war with every country in the Middle East is isolationist? Wanting to rein in wasteful military spending is isolationist?

It is called NON-INTERVENTIONIST. Not intervening in every countries affairs. North Korea is isolationist. Using that term takes away all your credibility.

Doug, Dr. Paul is not an isolationist—he is a non-interventionist.

Isolationists oppose foreign trade. Non-interventionists, on the other hand, trade freely. Please correct your article.

Please, please, PLEASE. Get it through your head. STOP calling Dr. Paul an isolationist. He is NOT an isolationist. He is a non-interventionist.

Paul is not an isolationist. I don't support anti-Muslim or anti-Islam rhetoric either and that does not make me an anti-semite.

Finally somebody with a voice of reason: we can't boss Israel around like this by saying which border they have to negotiate from and then sending billions of military aid to Israel's enemies.