What’s The Difference Between An iPad And A Pizza?
10/10/2012 - 17:56
Douglas Bloomfield

Question: When are volunteers not really volunteers?

Answer:  When you have to pay them.

For instance, if you have to offer your “volunteers” iPads or AmEx gift cards, they’re not really volunteers.  In fact, the IRS may require declaring the “gifts” as taxable compensation.

The Republican Jewish Coalition, swelled with $6.5 million in Sheldon Adelson’s cash and obviously hurting when it comes to attracting free help, is offering a $100 AmEx debit card for as little as 20 hours working its phone banks and up to a 32 gig iPad 3 for 50 hours or more.  That works out to between $5 and $12 an hour.

But it’s still a better deal than the RJC’s Democratic counterparts are offering: cheese pizzas. But then the National Jewish Democratic Council isn’t having the same problem attracting volunteers.

An RJC email seeking help says it is “providing AWESOME THANK-YOU INCENTIVES for members who volunteer and make calls at official RJC phone-banks in Washington, DC.”

RJC’s theme is Barack Obama is bad for Israel and thus bad for the Jews, and that’s not an easy sell according to a recent Gallup poll that shows Obama leading Mitt Romney 70 to 29 among Jewish voters.

NJDC’s David Harris called the offer “completely unheard of” and suggested the difference between the two groups’ offers is motivation:  for Democrats is “the cause and the issues” and for the opposition it is “the cash and prizes.”

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My friend who is currently unemployed due to the current economic situation under Barack Obama says the only jobs listed out there and she has been searching for months are for $12 an hour working as a canvasser and phone caller for the Obama Campaign. No job security, no health benefits, no pension, no union benefits- just $12 per hour. The hundreds of so-called Obama volunteers are mostly unemployed or semi-employed individuals. My friend took the Obama job which lasts to Nov 6th- she will be voting for Mitt Romney.

I have a good friend who is unemployed due to the current economic situation under President Obama. She said the only jobs she can find on Craigs list hiring in our area are working for the Obama Campaign- paying $12 per hour. All those hundreds of Obama volunteers are unemployed individuals earning $12 per hour-no job security, no medical, no union benefits, no pension plan. But they are all taking the jobs whether they believe in Obama or not. She did- she's voting for Romney. So much for un-paid volunteers.