What Chris Christie Didn't Say
08/28/2012 - 23:42
Douglas Bloomfield

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie gave a stemwinder of a keynote speech to open the Republican convention; depending on your point of view it was either brimming with passion or dripping with anger. 

The star of the evening was Ann Romney, who spoke so warmly and effectively of the importance of love.  Christie took the opposite tack, citing his mother's advice to "choose respect over love."  

Christie had a lot to say, but there were a few things conspicuously missing:

-- No mention of the Republican Party platform.

-- No mention of President George W. Bush and his two terms in office.

-- No mention of President George H.W. Bush.

-- No mention of the Republican-led House of Representatives that boasts of its uncompromising approach, although Christie boasted of his own record of bipartisan cooperation in New Jersey.

-- No mention of how the nation was plunged into the Great Recession.

-- No mention of Iraq, Afghanistan and the two wars started by the last Republican administration at great cost in lives and treasure.

-- No mention of the Republcan administration that came into office with budget surpluses and left us with record deficits. 

-- No mention of foreign policy.

But as Scarlett O'Hara said, "Tomorrow's another day," and next up is vice presidential candidate Rep. Paul Ryan.

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I'm not sure of why the Dems don't use the Bush speech to the Baptist convention prior his swearing in when he pushed the tax cut and predicted a 1.5 trillion dollar surplus within ten years of his becoming President. My research shows the following: every Republican Presidency in the last ninety years (the time period that national statistics have been kept) that lasted two or more continuous terms ended with the nation in a recession and unemployment between 6 and 15%. You will also find that every Democratic Party Presidency that lasted for two or more continuous term began in a recession and ended with the nation fully employed with an unemployment rate between 4.2 and 3.2%.

Picky, picky!

Yes, he didn't say that we likely saved the world from a new Dark Ages by giving a body blow to Islamofascism, and that the recession/depression was caused by too many Republicans acting like Democrat-socialists.

Why are you obsessed with social issues when the GOP obviously is not? Did you notice Rick Santorum didn't get the nomination?

Your words are an awesome hybrid of pathetic and delusional. Don't worry, Obams will be a fine UN Secretary General.