Romnesia And Israel
10/25/2012 - 11:54
Douglas Bloomfield

As Mitt Romney has been etchin’ and sketchin’ his way from being self-described “severe conservative” pandering to the Tea Partiers, religious extremists and neocons, he has changed his positions on a growing list of issues, particularly in foreign policy.

That led Barack Obama to say the big difference between the two of them seemed to be “you’d do the same things we did but say them louder.”  He welcomed Romney’s newfound agreement on ending the Iraq war, leaving Afghanistan in 2014, expanded use of drone, supporting the Egyptian revolution and removing Muammar Qadaffi and Osama Bin Laden.

Both have declared their solid backing for Israel, and President Obama has a clear record of support, notwithstanding personality clashes with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who many feel has been meddling in the American election in an effort to help Romney.

After watching Mitt Romney cynically shift positions on so many things as he tries to shift to the center – for example he started out attacking Obama for pushing too hard the peace process and the two-state solution to criticizing Obama for not trying hard enough – it is hard to tell who is the real Romney.  Jewish voters have to ask if he is so flexible that he can change his mind on so many other issues, how can he be trusted to give Israel the support he is promising as a candidate desperately fighting for Jewish support in South Florida?

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It is obvious you would like Jewish voters to vote for Obama. But your argument that Romney is full of it , is full of it.

It's Obama that is full of it even more than your argument.

Here is a good example-despite what you say that both candidates expressed full backing for Israel-That is simply not true at all.

The moderator asked if the candidates would treat Israel like the Us has said it would treat Japan if Japan was attacked. Romney was very clear that he would respond with a military strike against anyone that attacked Israel.

Obama went into his b.s. mode about standing with Israel and having her back.
This is in no way a Yes to the question.
Even Ed Koch, an ardent Obama supporter, is asking the President to make a clear statement that he would, like Romney, respond militarily.

The fact that President Obama is lying to the Jewish community is not a small matter.
When it comes to what America would do with a nuclear armed Iran, his response is again the b.s. "all options are on the table".

When the US consulate in Benghazi was under attack for 7 hours, he could have brought in help from nearby Italy, instead he did nothing.
This was the real Obama who will not have your back in an emergency.

Then he lied for days about how the attack was due to the video so that his Al Qaida is finished would not be challenged.

I am a liberal past Obama voter. I am glad he supported Gay marriage.

But I urge all readers of the Jewish Week to vote for Romney because we cannot risk four years of President Obama's terrible policy.

This article is so disingenuous for its skew that it ignores the truth of the fact that under Carter and Obama Israel has been and is at risk. Under Reagan and even Nixon the U.S. was supportive of Israel. How blind can one be not to see the extreme Arab Moslem influence on the Democratic party not to notice the removal of the platform plank that called Jerusalem the capital of Israel, without the hyperbole that it was "replaced" by BHO.

Obama visited every country in the middle east ,as president, and did not visit Israel. Obama has the lowest approval from the Israeli people. Obama wanted Israel to go back to the 1967 boarders with no conditions on the Palistanians.
Obama is giving 2billion dollars to Egypt, that is now controlled by the muslim brotherhood. The muslim brotherhood supports the destruction of Israel. The muslim brotherhood wanted Jerusalem to be the muslim capitol.
An old Yiddish expression,"with friends like Obama you don't need enemies"