Carter: Obama Snubs Me Because Of The Jews
03/24/2014 - 15:11
Douglas Bloomfield

Jimmy Carter is miffed that Barack Obama doesn't consult him on world crises.  The four men who served between the two – Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton and both Bushes – would ask for his advice and help on dealing with "unsavory characters."  But not Obama, and Carter says it is because of  his persistent criticism of Israel.

Carter feels his harsh criticism of Israel over many years has made him very unpopular in the Jewish community and Obama doesn't want to offend his Jewish supporters.

 “I think the problem was that -- in dealing with the issue of peace between Israel and Egypt -- the Carter Center has taken a very strong and public position of equal treatment between the Palestinians and the Israelis. And I think this was a sensitive area in which the president didn't want to be involved,” he told NBC's Andrea Mitchell on Meet the Press Sunday.

His perceived hostility toward Israel and strong support for the Palestinians was also a factor in his 1980 election defeat, helping Reagan win the largest number of Jewish votes – 39 percent -- of any Republican from 1920 to today.

Obama may not want his advice, but Carter thinks the government wants to know what he is telling people in private.  "I have felt that my own communications are probably monitored," he told NBC's Andrea Mitchell on Meet the Press Sunday. He offered no evidence.

It's no great secret that his fellow former presidents aren't too fond of Jimmy Carter.  All you have to do is look at a photo of that little fraternity's latest Oval Office reunion showing  Obama, both Bushes and Clinton standing together amiably and there was Ole Jimmy off to the side alone.

Carter, 89, is on tour publicizing his new book "A Call to Action." 

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I think the recent governmental changes in Egypt surrounding the so-called 'Arab Spring' prove that the Camp David peace agreement was ephemeral, at best, and that Israel has been absolutely right, all along, insisting on defensible territories. Carter says the Israelis and Palestinians should be treated equally. This is a formulation of the human condition written by Thomas Jefferson, enshrined in the US Declaration of Independence. 'All men are created equal'. Remember, Carter grew up steeped in the culture of southern racism and the liberating Civil Rights movement led by Martin Luther King. 'All men are created equal'. True, but all men do not behave equal; all men do not have the same goals. They do not live through the same history of discrimination and oppression. It is clear to me that the Jewish people of Palestine/Israel have lived through centuries of virulent hatred and built their nation by dint of honest hard work, determination, high ideals, and bravery. They have always, consistently, sought to live in peace with their Arab neighbors. The Arabs, on the other hand, have rejected the Jewish presence in Palestine/Israel. They have been more the oppressor than the oppressed. They have fought the Jews, tooth and nail, from the presentation of the Balfour Declaration until this very day. They have chosen destruction, not construction; they have chosen war, not peace. Jimmy Carter is free to treat these very different people with their very different histories and experiences the same, but that's not effective government policy. That's why I don't respect Carter. Support the people who share your values and culture, strengthen them. This will weaken the opposition and it will end.

for all the criticism of the Camp David agreement, Egypt and Israel have been at peace

"Poor Baby".