10 Reasons Why Ryan Is A Good Choice For Romney
08/11/2012 - 16:59
Douglas Bloomfield

1.     Romney carefully vetted all his candidates for running mate, in stark contrast to McCain's example. Ryan won't outshine the top of the ticket and is unlikely to go rogue.

2.     Ryan will energize the base by bringing undisputable conservative credentials for Tea Partiers who don't fully trust Romney.

3.     Ryan plants the ticket solidly on the right because, unlike Romney, he has strong conservative creds on guns, abortion, health care reform, warrantless wiretaps, gay rights.

4.     He's a budget policy wonk who can help Romney keep the focus on the economy and the need to cut entitlements and eliminate government programs. Romney has called the Ryan budget plan "marvelous."

5.     Ryan brings two decades of Washington Insider and legislative experience that Romney lacks. 

6.     He has a base in the House GOP caucus's younger and more conservative members who dominate that body.

7.     He is intelligent, articulate, energetic, personable and a good debater

8.     He is strong where Romney is weak – details.  He will focus the debate on spending priorities.

9.     His youth, 42, complements Romney's age, 66.

10.  He can carry a tune.

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Ryan is what this country needs - we need to be more self reliant, self disciplined and Ryan is the tough love Boot camp drill instructor this country needs - it's time to wake up and get real.

Why focus on whether Ryan is a good selection for the Romney campaign? The more important question is whether Romney-Ryan would be good for America. And the easy answer is "NO"

These are reasons that Ryan will help get the Tea Party side of the Republican Party to the polls. He's not going to help with the rest if the party or with non-Republicans.