Another WASPy Presidential Family Member Marries Into The Tribe
09/06/2011 - 17:17

Not to be outdone by Rabbi James Ponet, who officiated at Chelsea Clinton and Marc Mezvinsky’s presidential wedding last summer, Central Synagogue’s Rabbi/Cantor Angela Buchdahl apparently did the honors this weekend as Lauren Bush (W’s niece and George H.W.’s granddaughter) married David Lauren (fashion designer Ralph Lauren’s son).

From what I read on the Us Magazine website (I wasn’t able to make it to the wedding myself due to my daughter’s birthday party), this was, unlike the Clinton-Mezvinsky ceremony which was co-officiated, an all-Jewish interfaith wedding. Or, as some commenter will no doubt hasten to add, a “Jewish-style” interfaith wedding, since “interfaith Jewish wedding” is, to many, an oxymoron.

I actually find it amusing that the children of the Bronx-born, yeshiva-educated Ralph Lauren (nee Lifschitz) have both gone on to have Jewish weddings, since his line of clothing and the advertising associated with it, always used to romanticize the WASP/New England preppy aesthetic. It’s as though, despite his best efforts, he just can’t get his family to assimilate.

I’m not sure if this is why she was recruited to do the gala Colorado ranch wedding, but Rabbi/Cantor Buchdahl, one of five clergy members (and senior cantor) at the prominent East Side Reform temple, was, earlier this year, one of a handful of women to make Newsweek’s 50 Most Influential Rabbis list. Plus, as I noted then:

Born in Korea to a Jewish American father and a Korean Buddhist mother, Rabbi Buchdahl is, according to her bio on the Central Synagogue website, the first Asian American to be ordained as cantor or rabbi in North America. And she may be the first child-of-intermarried-parents rabbi (and patrilineal at that) to make the Newsweek list.

In case you were wondering, the bride is not changing her name to Lauren Lauren, but will instead be Lauren Bush-Lauren. I don’t know why the whole family can’t just change their name back to Lifschitz, to save her the awkwardness of a palindrome name. Except that Lifschitz is arguably an even more awkward surname than, say, Wiener.

So, now that I’ve blogged about reality shows and celebrity weddings and made petty comments about other people’s names, all in one day, I want to assure you that I’ll be steering this blog in a more highbrow direction tomorrow. Stay tuned for my interview with Einat Wilf, a Harvard-and-Cambridge-educated (and intermarried) member of the Knesset.

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jews have the right and duty to set the rules for who is a jew.

the way they stand, it must be sure thata the candidate must be proven to be partially jewish. cant do that with only the father being jewish. because, well, you know, wives lie about who fathered their children sometimes.

good luck to the happy couple!

You guys make me sick! A bunch of narrow minded, stupid, intolerant and arrogant ( lethal combination) expressed their insidious opinions as to what is a Jew????? Do you ever listen to yourselves?

What kind of a category is Non-Jew? It sounds almost like non-Aryan, another dubious concept. cb

^^^^You do realize that the rule of matrilineal descent is completely arbitrary? In fact the rule used to be that descent was Patrilineal.

This was two non-Jews embracing some Jewish customs at their wedding. I have no problem with it as long as that is how it is recognized. How far we have come to have non-Jews copying our beautiful wedding ceremonies -- or at least part of it -- somehow doubt they had kabbalat panim or yichud.

Absolutely correct! David Lauren is not Jewish. Basically the wedding ceemony was a sham. It was two gentiles pretending to have a Jewish wedding performd by a phony Rabbi/Cantor whose also a gentile. What a joke!

According to Jewish Law David Lauren is not Jewish his Mother a non Jew never converted to Judaism.

What a joke! This was a wedding with two gentiles pretending to have a Jewish ceremony. The groom's mother is not Jewish s so he's not either. To make things worse the phony Rabbi/Cantor is not even Jewish. We can all thanks this disaster on the pro-intermarriage crowd like Julie who have been advocating the weakening of Judasim to appease the gentiles. Are you happy now?

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