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Fighting Soldiers From The Sky --The Ballad Of The (Jewish) Green Beret

The recent release of 1973 tapes from the Nixon White House (a barely audible conversation between Nixon and Kissinger) caught Nixon saying, "I didn't notice many Jewish names coming back from Vietnam on any of those lists; I don't know how the hell they avoid it.."

You Want A Kosher Roommate? You're Under Arrest

One of the great urban legends among Jews is that we, as a minority, will benefit from the civil rights of others and therefore Jews should be trusting of a liberal government with expanded powers, punishing disrimination with a merciless vigor. But what if those rights only protect the racial and sexual and not the religious?

Some say that Zionists and religious Christians may have support for Israel in common but we must part ways on domestic issues within the United States. 

Eurotrash Tent Sluts and Jewish Settlements


Europe -- the continent that invented the modern totalitarian dictatorship as well as inventing "appeasement" disguised as "peace," while fine-tuning anti-Semitism to previously unknown levels...

Rabbis Haskel Lookstein & Yehuda Gilad Respond to Those Who Are Against Selling/Renting to Arabs In Israel

This was sent by Rabbi Haskel Lookstein, December 10, 2010, to his congregation, Kehilath Jeshurun.
Dear KJ Family:
The Jewish and general world has been rocked in the past few days by a statement signed by rabbis in the State of Israel that prohibits selling or renting a home to a non-Jew in the Land of Israel. It is important for those who disagree with that statement to make that disagreement clear – and public – because silence can be construed as agreement. 

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