Rabbi Nesenoff's 25,000 Pieces of Hate Mail
06/08/2010 - 22:26
Rabbi Jason Miller
This photo of Charles Manson was sent to Rabbi David Nesenoff
This photo of Charles Manson was sent to Rabbi David Nesenoff

Before this past weekend, Rabbi David Nesenoff was a virtually unknown rabbi who lives and works on Long Island. When his teenage son finished his high school exams and uploaded a 2-minute video of Helen Thomas expressing her anti-Israel views on the Whitehouse lawn, Nesenoff gained global fame. That 2-minute video on his RabbiLIVE.com website brought Helen Thomas' long career in journalism to an abrupt and embarrassing end.

In addition to the media inquiries, Rabbi Nesenoff has also received some 25,000 messages of hate in the past few days since uploading the Helen Thomas video for worldwide consumption. Tonight, he updated the RabbiLIVE.com website to read:

RabbiLIVE.com reported a story from the White House lawn.

We received over twenty five thousand pieces of hate mail. Emails will be continuously posted TONIGHT.

"Because of indifference, one dies before one actually dies." -Elie Wiesel

Nesenoff and his son, the site's webmaster, will post some of the nastiest, hate-filled email messages they received without concealing the sender's name or email address.

The first posting to the site includes the text "Helen Thomas was right" followed by profanity and an apparent threat to the rabbi and his family. The sender also attached a photograph of death row inmate and convicted mass murdering cult leader Charles Manson with a swastika tattoo between his eyes.

This is undoubtedly not what Rabbi Nesenoff expected when he posted the now famous Helen Thomas video.


It shows how the left works. It's fine when one supports one of their causes such as gay supremacy, unlimited abortion, disarmament of the US, opening borders of US to those who want to undermine and destroy us, etc etc but when Jews are being targeted by crypto Nazis such as Helen Thomas, telling Jews to abandon their homeland Israel and return to the very places where our families were exterminated like rats by Hitler and his cohorts, that's fine! This should be a wake-up call to Jewish people everywhere, to return to God and His Word in the Torah and follow Him, not the riff-raff who oppose Him.
To Rabbi Nesenoff and all Jews who may read this e-mail. I am a Jew, born in NYC; As most Jews from the 1900's, imigrants and first and second gereration Americans, we followed the Democratic party agendas. The second generation grew up and began to think outside of the box, after reading and understanding the history of our nation. The Jew's idol was President Roosevelt and his New Deal. What they didn't read about or understand is that Roosevelt was indeed anti-semetic, as was his cabinet and friends. The Democratic party is not and never was a friend to the Jews. Obama not only doesn't qualify as a "friend", he is indeed an ememy to Israel and the Jews. Wake up Jewish community and break the mold. All of you who voted for Obama should be ashamed of yourselves. You are as anti-semetic as he and his cronies are. The Jews he hired are Progressives first; Jews somewhere down the line. It's a sickness that must be stopped. I am a Jew and I am a Republican. Open your eyes and join the 21st century.
No one is a greater friend of Israel than America's Evangelical community. Praise the Lord
What was wrong with publicizing this? When someone says mean/stupid lies they should be publicized. There was a guy who called a basketball player a monkey and he lost his job. It justified for him to loose his job, and it is the same for Helen Thomas. When you are in the public you need to choose your words correctly.
You are an amazing Rabbi. You did nothing wrong it just stinks that so many people dont like Jews and I think its pure ignorance and lack of meeting a Jewish person.
G*d Bless Rabbi Nesenoff!
The Jews living in Israel are IN their HOMELAND! It was given to them by the almighty God, and that is not debatable. There has NEVER been a Palestinian State and there should NEVER be on Israel's land. Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, & all the other Muslim countries around there have more than enough land to GIVE to the Palestinians if they are so "desperate" for a homeland.... I don't think they are... I think they just want to continue hating Jews and Christians and anyone else who doesn't believe the way they do. God bless Rabbi Nesenoff and his son for exposing Helen Thomas. She should be ashamed for her despicable comments.
I'm glad you believe that your God's word is a legitimate factor in political legitimacy, but that is, in fact, debatable.
Rabbi Nesenoff, God loves His Chosen People and so do I. Thank you for your courage to come forth with the Thomas video. I am a conservative Christan and believe that the promises to God's chosen people are eternal. Those who bless Israel will be blessed. I believe that the majority of Americans, regardless of their faith, support Israel's right to their land, their right to defend themselves and appreciate their friendship with America. I believe peace in the Middle East should always be pursued, that all men should seek peace and that we should not tire of that noble quest. I stand with you in your condemnation of hatred and violence. Shalom, Tom Chino Hills, CA
hate mail is wrong and shameful. but perhaps he should also realize that when you throw stones you shouldnt live in a glass house..i.e. his video mocking mexican people http://www.mediaite.com/online/rabbi-who-recorded-helen-thomas-comments-is-now-suffering-from-his-own-viral-video-past/ we all do stupid things. peace.

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