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At Least The NY Times Public Editor Does Right By The Jewish Media

After years of seeing our reporting poached by The New York Times, it was a pleasant surprise to see the public editor, Arthur Brisbane, devote his Sunday column this week to that very topic.

NY Times Editor Not Convinced Iran Working To Build A Bomb

I’ve been concerned of late by the New York Times’ coverage of the tensions among Israel, Iran and the U.S. So many of the reports leave the impression – an unfair one, I think -- that Israel is chafing at the bit to strike Iran’s nuclear sites, and what a bad idea that is.

Mounting Concern Over Egyptian Elections


With the first round of presidential elections in Egypt coming up in late May, the field is tightening up. And the prospects for those of us concerned about Israel are increasingly grim.

Don't Call J Street `Anti-Israel'

    I was saddened to see that Morton Klein, president of the Zionist Organization of America, has come out with a statement entitled “J Street is Anti-Israel, Not Simply Extremist Leftwing.”

Burying The Lead On My Column

If I had it to do over again, I would change the lead of my Oct. 28 column, “How Many U.S. Jews, and Who Cares?”

The most newsworthy aspect of the piece was buried deep in the story, which dealt, in part, with the disagreement between national Jewish federation officials and leading Jewish demographers over commissioning another national Jewish population study.

How Israelis Respond To Home Grown Militants

Reaction to the attack on a mosque in an Israeli Arab village this week was outrage, as it should be.

What’s distinguishes Israeli responses to Israeli acts of violence from Palestinian reactions to Palestinian violence is that Israeli leaders speak out forcefully against such brutality.

Prime Minister Netanyahu said these attacks have “no place in the state of Israel.” Defense Minister Ehud Barak said the perpetrators were “criminals” trying to further damage Arab-Israeli relations.

Marc Gafni, Again

The news this week that Marc Gafni faces new allegations of sexual misconduct from those in the “spiritual wisdom” community with which he has been associated the last five years was sad, even tragic, but not surprising. And it brought back a flood of memories.

How Obama's Plight Is Like Israel's

  President Obama has been widely criticized of late for appearing weak in his political dealings with the Republicans in Congress.

Israel Hater Could Be Egypt's Next President

Need something new to worry about the Mideast these days?

Consider that the candidate emerging as the likely next president of Egypt is one of Israel’s fiercest critics – and that seems to be one of the key factors in his widespread popularity.

My one encounter with Amr Moussa, the 74-year-old head of the Arab League who has a huge lead in polls leading up to democratic elections planned for the fall, leads me to think that we’ll soon be pining for Hosni Mubarak.

`Half Shabbos' Article Triggers Full Range Of Responses

There was nothing halfway about the response to our article this week on Orthodox teens who refer to their seeming addiction to Shabbat texting as keeping “Half Shabbos.”

Soon after it was posted online Tuesday evening and before the print edition was delivered, the story went viral, prompting dozens of comments on our website as well as many more on various blogs.

It’s the fault of pampered kids, indulgent parents, clueless teachers; you name it.

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