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Convention Notes

NEWT GINGRICH  has a Ph.D. in history so you'd think he'd be able to get a famous historical quote correctly.  Like tonight at the Republican convention when he and his wife delivered a tribute to Ronald Reagan and attributed to the 40th president the quote "There is no substitute for victory." 

Auditioning In Tampa

Anyone watching the Republican convention this week couldn't avoid feeling that for many speakers their appearance on the Tampa stage was more of an audition for their own future ambitions than an endorsement of Mitt Romney.

Call it a lack of confidence in Romney or just the usual naked ambition of politicians, but many speakers sounded like they were running for president themselves  should Romney fail, or a cabinet post if he wins.

What Chris Christie Didn't Say

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie gave a stemwinder of a keynote speech to open the Republican convention; depending on your point of view it was either brimming with passion or dripping with anger. 

The star of the evening was Ann Romney, who spoke so warmly and effectively of the importance of love.  Christie took the opposite tack, citing his mother's advice to "choose respect over love."  

Christie had a lot to say, but there were a few things conspicuously missing:

-- No mention of the Republican Party platform.

We're Number One

There has been a surge in arms sales by China to sub-Saharan African nations, most notably cheap assault rifles and ammunition, in possible violation of U.N. sanctions, the Washington Post reported. 

Trading Barbs

The National Jewish Democratic Council (NJDC) and the Republican Jewish Coalition (RJC) are partisan groups whose mission is to build Jewish support for their respective parties, and that's usually done by ripping into the other side.

Lately they've been trading insults over some endorsements and over who's getting video – but not in-person -- time at the conventions.

The Minds They Are A-Changin

I was for it before I was against it.

Remember how that line was used so effective in the 2004 election to pummel Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry for having changed his positions on an issue?

Now it is Rep. Paul Ryan's turn.  The Wisconsin congressman, who is running for vice president this year and hedging his bets by running also for reelection to his House seat, is the one being accused of  flip-flopping.

GOP Akin And In Pain

Republicans' problems with women voters got a whole lot worse this week when a Republican congressman insisted he didn't do "anything morally or ethically wrong" when he referred to "legitimate rape." Under intense pressure, he later apologized for use of that phrase but held fast to his opposition to all abortions, even in the case of rape and incest.

Much Ado About Nothing

I'm shocked. Shocked.  A congressman went skinny dipping in the Sea of Galilee. It's an outrage.

Not the late night swim.  The big kerfuffle is an outrage. 

Have we become so puritanical that we hound public officials out of office for minor indiscretions? Or just hypocritical?

Romney's Taxes - A Gift That Keeps On Giving

Mitt Romney now says those who think he doesn't pay enough taxes should include his charitable giving - much to his own church and all of it already taken as tax deductions - because that would boost his effective tax rate from 13 percent to above 20 percent.

Does he really think his taxes are a charitable gift to the government?  Is he that arrogant or does he just think we're that gullible?

Cry Baby

Mitt Romney and his Super Pac backers spent tens of millions of dollars trashing all of his Republican opponents throughout the primaries and with devastating effect.  Just ask Newt Gingrich who complained bitterly about the $15 million worth of Romney attack ads in Florida alone that knocked him out of the running.

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