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Romnesia And Israel

As Mitt Romney has been etchin’ and sketchin’ his way from being self-described “severe conservative” pandering to the Tea Partiers, religious extremists and neocons, he has changed his positions on a growing list of issues, particularly in foreign policy.

Prepping For Tonight's Debate

Foreign policy was not supposed to be a big issue in this campaign.  Mitt Romney wanted to make it a referendum on jobs and the economy, and with those improving, albeit at a disappointing pace, Republicans have been hammering at President Obama for being weak the international front. They conveniently ignore how much more effective and welcome abroad the incumbent is compared to his Republican predecessor whose name Romney and the GOP never even mention.

Does Pollard Hold White House Key?

If Barack Obama wants to be reelected and if he “wishes to dictate Israeli policy,” he should release Jonathan Pollard, Israel’s chief Ashkenazi rabbi, Yona Metzger, told his congregants. 

Bibi Still Meddling

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu can't keep denying he is meddling in the American presidential race when he has consistently failed to tell his friends to stop using him in their anti-Obama ads.

Arlen Specter, A Vanishing Breed

Arlen Specter, who died Sunday at 82 following a long battle with cancer, was a vanishing breed: a Republican senator who was both a moderate and a Jew.  

The only Jewish Republican senator, he switched parties in 2009 because he felt the GOP had moved so far to the right he felt he could not win his party's nomination for a sixth term, but many Pennsylvania voters saw the switch as opportunism and he lost the Democratic primary the following year.

Arab American Group Endorses Romney

Although a recent survey shoed the President leading by almost two-to-one among Arab-Americans against Mitt Romney, the leader of one group warns that a vote for Barack Obama "would be voting for despotism, violence and backwardness in your native lands."

Farid Ghadry, leader of the Washington-based Reform Party of Syria, an outspoken Obama critic and closely linked to Bush era neocons, said, "Arab Americans have no choice but to vote for Romney because not only do we care about America but we also care about eradicating the tyranny we escaped from."

A Vote FOR Ahmadinejad

I think Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is a despicable and dangerous fellow.  And I hope he keeps his job as president of Iran for a long time.

He is term-limited and has to leave office next year, but I hope Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei grants him a dispensation and lets his former protege run again even though he's fallen out of favor. 

What’s The Difference Between An iPad And A Pizza?

Question: When are volunteers not really volunteers?

Answer:  When you have to pay them.

For instance, if you have to offer your “volunteers” iPads or AmEx gift cards, they’re not really volunteers.  In fact, the IRS may require declaring the “gifts” as taxable compensation.

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