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Bibi's Cure For Unemployment


If Barack Obama could do what Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is doing, he might be able to bring the nation's unemployment numbers down from their current 8.2 percent closer to Israel's 7.1 percent.

YNET reports Netanyahu, who already presides over one of the most bloated cabinets in Israeli history, has offered "key ministerial positions" to Kadima members who defect and join his Likud party. 

Olympic Reminder: Yellow Is Not A Shade Of Gold

World Jewish Congress President Ronald Lauder issued a statement Sunday slamming the International Olympic Committee as "completely out of touch" for refusing to observe a moment of silence in memory of the Israeli athletes killed at the 1972 Munich Olympic Games.

That's putting it politely.

Bandar Bush Rides Again

The new Saudi spy chief was once one of the most popular and well-connected diplomats in Washington, where he served as ambassador for 22 years and enjoyed such easy access to both Bush White Houses and so close to both presidents that he earned the nickname Bandar Bush.

Iran's Talk Of Nuclear Subs Is 'Bull****'

As Washington announced tougher new sanctions on Iran, Tehran announced plans to build its own nuclear submarine, close the Strait of Hormuz at the mouth of the Gulf, dismissed U.S. aircraft carriers as "rusty iron" that can easily be sunken and said it has targeted 23 American bases in the region for ballistic missile strikes.

Tevye, Meet Mitt, A Rich Man

It's no shame to be poor, Tevye sings in Fiddler on the Roof, but it's no great honor, either.

Likewise, it's no sin to be rich, but it's not a qualification for president of the United States, either. But that seems to be Mitt Romney's main argument: elect me because I got very, very rich and that means I can run your government.

Condi for VP? Fuggedaboutit

You've heard the rumors, started by the Drudge Report, that former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is Number 1 on Mitt Romney's list to be his Number 2.  Here's the emmes:. fuggedaboutit

There's no way Romney will pick someone who is unacceptable to the same social conservative base that doesn't trust Mitt very much to begin with and still isn't sure just where he stands.

Keeping Peace With Israel High on Hillary's Egypt Agenda

The new Egyptian government's commitment to upholding the peace treaty with Israel  and dealing with the growing lawlessness in the Sinai will be high on Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's agenda in her meetings with top civilian and military leaders in Egypt this weekend, a senior aid told reporters.

Obama Invites Egypt's Morsi To U.S.

One of the first chores facing Egypt's new president, Mohamed Morsi, is to convince his country's neighbors and allies that he and the Muslim Brotherhood, which he headed before the election, don't plan to export the revolution that brought the Islamists to power in the presidency and the parliament.

He took that message this week to Saudi Arabia and look for him to bring it to the United States this fall.  President Obama has invited Morsi to meet with him in September when both attend the United Nations General Assembly meeting.

UN Human Wrongs Council Adds To Its Luster

It's a weird day in July when a group wins praise because it throttled back a wee bit on its usual Israel bashing. That's what happened at the conclusion of the 20th session of the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva last week.

The U.S. State Department listed as one of the "key" achievements of the session that it did not adopt any anti-Israel resolutions.  But that doesn't mean there was any letup in what Washington branded a "disproportionate focus on Israel." 

Vetting The Veep - Part II

In this space we previously looked at the field of possible running mates for Mitt Romney and his selection process. 

For years to come I expect the watchword will be “Not another Sarah Palin.”  The former half-term governor of Alaska was full of energy and personality but had little understanding of the issues and simply wasn’t ready for prime time. 

Romney is said to be looking for someone compatible with him and able to step into the top job from Day One.  

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