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It's The Policy, Not The PR

For more than 30 years I've been speaking to pro-Israel audiences and the most frequent question I've been asked consistently remains,  “Why don't Israeli leaders get better PR advice?” My answer is always the same:  “They do, but they think they know better.” I'm sure the Arabs' friends are asking the same question.

El Al...eee Oooops!


When Shimon Peres went to Canada this weekend he flew with Air Canada because El Al was too expensive.  The country's flag carrier wanted to charge the country's president $4,700 to bring on board an oxygen tank that is required whenever Israel's president or prime minister flies.

That's $4,700 more than Air Canada charged the 88-year-old peripatetic president.

Is Bipartisanship A Sin?


UPDATE -- Six-term Indiana Senator Richard Lugar was trounced in Tuesday's Republican primary by Tea Party-backed  state Treasurer Richard Murdock, who accused the incumbent of not being conservative enough.

Sen. Richard Lugar is in a fight for his political life. The latest numbers show him running as much as 10 points behind his firebrand Tea Party challenger in Tuesday's Indiana Republican primary, State Treasurer Richard Mourdock.

To The Barricades...Or Maybe Not

I got an urgent email yesterday from a good friend telling me to "PLEASE FORWARD THIS TO EVERYONE YOU KNOW!" and urging me to "publicize" a threatened "loud and ambitious" boycott campaign against Estee Lauder products by "the world's Arab and Muslim community." Failure to comply could be catastrophic, warned the message:  "Send this to everyone who doesn't want another Holocaust."

Guide To Picking A VP

Mitt Romney is traveling around auditioning potential running mates, flattering them all into thinking they're top level contenders.  He insists he has made no decisions and has entrusted the search to a trusted aide who is unlikely to nominate herself.  He wants to pick someone who can step in and take over if necessary, he said.  In other words, no Sarah Palin.

Newt: Going, Going But Never Gone

Why does Newt Gingrich need so much time to drop out of the race for a nomination he never really had a chance to get? He lost all but two primaries and flunked five in a single day last week. On 36 occasions, he managed to come in last in 17.

So why stay in? It's a great ego trip, even if the crowds are rapidly shrinking, and there are other perks. The longer he delays quitting, the longer he gets Secret Service protection and the media attention he craves.

'Singe Not Burn'

Sometimes a joke is just a joke, but when it is done at the annual White House Correspondents' dinner, it can have a lot more meaning. The rule is the humor is supposed to "singe not burn," and friends and foes and even the President of the United States are fair targets.

Free Alan Gross

The Jewish and interfaith communities of Greater Washington on Monday will commemorate the 63d birthday of Alan Gross, an American jailed on charges connected to bringing computer equipment into Cuba for the Jewish community there.  They will mark the occasion at noon on April 30 at their weekly vigil in front of the Cuban Interest Section at the Swiss Embassy on 16th Street in Washington.

Marco Rubio Auditions For VP

Marco Rubio auditioned this week to be Mitt Romney's running mate by campaigning with the presumptive Republican nominee in Pennsylvania and then giving what was billed as a major foreign policy address at the Brookings Institution, an important Washington think tank.

The speech was better on substance than delivery.  The freshman senator from Florida appeared nervous, halting and one point unprepared when he was missing the last page of his speech.  At times he looked like he hadn't done more than glance at his text before going up on stage.

Court Dismisses Ex-Staffer's Suit Against AIPAC

The District of Columbia Court of Appeals today upheld the dismissal of the defamation suit against the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) by a former staffer, Steven Rosen, who was fired in the wake of his arrest on espionage charges in 2005, reported the Legal Times.

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