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Mitt Who?

Barack Obama may be the only one in Washington who wants to see Mitt Romney these days. The President has invited him to lunch at the White House Thursday "to talk about where we can work together to move this country forward."

Don't look for Romney to get much hospitality from his party up on Capitol Hill, just a private meeting with former running mate Paul Ryan.

Good Riddance

The man who may well be the nastiest member of Congress begrudgingly conceded defeat this week, giving people who believe in civility and good government something to be thankful for on this holiday.

In his single term in the House, Rep. Alan West earned a reputation as one of the most divisive figures on Capitol Hill, and that's going a long way in this highly polarized environment. 

My Favorite Jewish Holiday

It may not be Halachic and it may be an American creation, but my favorite Jewish holiday is Thanksgiving. 

It is a time when I am reminded how thankful I am that my grandparents and my wife's had the courage and foresight to emigrate to the real golden medina. I don't know how many relatives who stayed behind perished in the Holocaust.

I was talking about this with a friend the other day.  She said she felt the same way. "If those grandparents hadn’t come there's a very significant chance that none of us would be alive to ponder the matter."

Winners & Losers In Gaza


1.     The leaders of Hamas.  They're winners simply because they're still alive.  After losing so many commanders, just breathing is a victory.

Capitol Punishment

Senior Moment – Sen. John McCain, the man who brought us Sarah Palin and vouched that she was ready to be President of the United States, says Amb. Susan Rice is unfit to be secretary of state because he disagrees with the statements she made following the Benghazi attacks that were based on unclassified talking points she'd gotten from CIA and the State Department.  Does anyone not believe that what's really going is the old curmudgeon and his echo, Lindsey Graham, simply and reflexively oppose anything Barack Obama does?

Is It Déjà Vu All Over Again In Gaza?

President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden spoke to Prime Minister Netanyahu Wednesday to reaffirm U.S. "support for Israel's right to self-defense in light of the barrage of rocket attacks being launched from Gaza against Israeli civilians," according to a White House readout.

Obama also spoke with Egyptian President Morsi to deliver the same message and the need to de-escalate the violence.

Now Is The Time For Obama To Visit Israel

President Obama is going to the Far East this week and on his way home he should make a long overdue stop in the Middle East to have a heart-to-heart talk with the Israeli people and their leaders about his view of the bilateral relationship and his plans for the next four years.

Israel Refuses To Attend NPT Conference

Plans to convene a conference on creating a nuclear-free Middle East collapsed this week with Israel's refusal to attend.

The meeting was to be held in Helsinki, Finland, by year's end but has been indefinitely postponed.  Israel has said there is no point discussing a ban on nuclear and other weapons of mass destruction until there is a full peace between it and the Arabs.

Howard Berman For Secretary Of State

When President Obama picks a successor to Hillary Clinton at the State Department, he should give very serious consideration to Rep. Howard Berman.  The former chairman of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, who lost in his bid for a 16th term, would bring to the job a wealth of experience in foreign policy as well as a proven talent for bipartisan cooperation and maneuvering the legislative morass.

Israel: First Stop On Road To White House

For many presidential hopefuls the road to the White House goes through Israel. Long before the polls closed Tuesday evening on the 2012 election, Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley had booked his flight from BWI to TLV.  He leaves the Saturday night after Thanksgiving and tagging along with be Jewish leaders from around his state as well as a number of business and academic figures.

The trip is being billed as a trade mission and thus official business. His 60-70 fellow travelers will be paying their own way.

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