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Taking A Pass On Peace

Israeli-Palestinian peace was not on the agenda at this week's AIPAC Policy Conference in Washington.  It was all tough talk on Iran, and with in a full machismo mode it looked like a war rally.

To no one's surprise, President Obama made a brief reference to the peace process in his speech to AIPAC this week, but no call to return to the negotiating table.  He essentially put it on the back burner for the foreseeable future:

Behind Cantor's Endorsement Of Romney

With only Mitt Romney and Ron Paul on tomorrow's Super Tuesday Virginia ballot (Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich failed to qualify), Rep. Eric Cantor's endorsement of the former Massachusetts governor was a no-brainer. 

Romney is expected to sweep all 49 Virginia delegates and for Cantor to try to sit this one out would only weaken him. 

Acting now has made him the first member of the House GOP leadership to endorse a presidential candidate. 

Poll: Israel More Popular, Peace More Remote

Israel's popularity with the American public is rising while that of the Palestinians is falling, according to a new Gallup Poll, but also rising is pessimism that they will ever be able to make peace.

More Prizes For Peres

Israeli President Shimon Peres opened the American Israel Public Affairs annual policy conference with a warm endorsement of fellow Nobel laureate Barack Obama "for being a good friend" of Israel and reminded the audience of the longstanding bipartisan commitment of American presidents to Israel's well being.

"Mr. President, I know your commitment to Israel is deep and profound," Peres said.  "And under your leadership, security cooperation between the United States and Israel reached its highest level."

Peace Process? What Peace Process?

In the Middle East it is said there are three kinds of dead:  dead, dead and buried, dead and buried and not coming back.  The peace process is at stage one and no one seems to care much about reviving it.

The topic will get little more than passing attention at the American Israel Public Affairs Committee policy conference that begins this weekend.

Sheket B'vakasha

As he prepared to leave today for Washington, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu left his government with some very tough orders:  Be quiet.

No surprises from Eli Yishai and his interior ministry, with their penchant for announcing new settlement construction at the most inopportune times. 

No publicity stunts on the Temple Mount or religious flashpoints on the West Bank.

No bombastic pronouncements from Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman.

No threats of attacks on assorted enemies by former generals with high government posts.

'Holocaust Never Happened," Says GOP Candidate

A candidate for the Republican nomination for the House of Representatives in Illinois insists the "Holocaust never happened" and is a scam by Jews to extort millions of dollars.

'I Wanted To Vomit'

That’s the way I felt when I read that Rick Santorum said it sickened him to read John F. Kennedy’s speech on separation of church and state.  Interestingly he was silent about a similar speech by Ronald Reagan.

Arab-American Paper Endorses Ron Paul

With three of the four leading Republican presidential contenders – Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich – running as strong supporters of Israel, it comes as no surprise that the Arab American News has endorsed Ron Paul in Tuesday’s Michigan primary.

A Clear Choice For Israel's Friends -- Updated

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