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Azeri Base Rumor Called Baseless

A big story that has had Washington buzzing in recent days was the Foreign Policy magazine report that “several high-level sources…inside the U.S. government” believe Israel has made a deal with Azerbaijan to use former Soviet air bases in that country for its attacks on Iranian nuclear facilities. 

Christie On Pre-Presidential Pilgrimage To Jerusalem

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie leaves Sunday for the Holy Land, a trip that in this cynical political year can't avoid looking like more than a pre-Easter pilgrimage, especially since a group of wealthy Jewish Republicans are picking up the tab.

He turned down entreaties to run for president this year but word is he's willing to consider #2 on a Romney ticket and is more likely to be preparing for his own bid four years from now.

Too Many Jews In US Senate?

Are there too many Jews in the U.S. Senate?

Maryland state senator C. Anthony Muse, who running for the Democratic U.S. Senate nomination in next Tuesday’s primary, seems to think so. 

A flyer backing Muse’s challenge to incumbent Ben Cardin told voters there are 12 Jews in the U.S. Senate but no African-Americans.  It did not bother pointing out the religion of the other 88 senators. Muse is black, and Cardin is Jewish.

Paul For VP? But Which One?

Now that Mitt Romney has virtually tied up the nomination, attention is turning to his possible running mate. 

The important thing to keep in mind is no one knows -- probably not even Romney himself -- at this point.

Florida freshman Sen. Marco Rubio seems #1 on many lists for this year's #2 spot on the GOP ticket followed by a slew of present and former governors and members of Congress.

One long shot name some folks are trying to inject is: "Paul."  It could be father or son.

A Solution For Afghanistan

The bad news from Afghanistan only gets worse.  An American soldier slaughtered 17 Afghan civilians, mostly women and children.  The burning of copies of the Koran sparked anti-American demonstrations and the murder of American civilians and soldiers by uniformed Afghan soldiers and police they thought they were helping. Now the news that three NATO soldiers were intentionally attacked and killed by supposedly friendly Afghan forces.

Courts To Decide if US Passport Can Say 'Jerusalem, Israel'

The Supreme Court took a step toward allowing Jerusalem-born Americans to list Israel as their birthplace on their U.S. passports  Monday when it overturned a lower court decision saying federal courts had not jurisdiction in the case.

Run Newt, Run

If nothing else, and there probably is nothing else, Newt Gingrich has made this campaign a lot more interesting and a bit longer.

You'll get no complaints from me.  Or anyone else in the media. 

Newt is the only candidate ever fired by his staff; it's usually the other way round but last summer they all walked out on him.  But he came back and for one, brief, shining moment, he was the frontrunner du jour.

Is Romney Taking Nixon's Advice?

Did anyone ever doubt that the "Massachusetts Moderate" who tried to transform himself into a "severely conservative" primary candidate would make a U-turn back to the center after winning the nomination?

For the last remaining skeptics, his senior advisor, Eric Fehrnstrom, removed the veil this week when he invoked the image of an Etch A Sketch toy which allows users to erase the previous picture and draw an entirely different one.

Dan Schueftan Coming To Georgetown

Prof. Dan Schueftan, a familiar visitor to Capitol Hill since the 1980s is returning to Washington this summer for an extended stay as the Aaron Goldman Visiting Israeli Professor at Georgetown University for the 2012-2013 academic year.

Gulf States Tell Russia: Dump Assad

Russia may be softening its support for Bashar Assad, and it could be the result of unexpected Arab pressure, a well-informed Congressional source told me.  

The Gulf Cooperation Council of Arab states, led by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, recently told Lavrov he was not welcome in any of their countries until Russia gets on board with their position toward Syria, the official said, and tell Assad to leave.

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