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It’s Now A 3-Way Race

In the wake of the first presidential candidates’ debate, it’s now a three-way race. 

The biggest surprise of the evening was the appearance of a new Mitt Romney.  Those who were expecting the old Romney of the primaries and the campaign since the Tampa convention in August (read: Democrats) were disappointed when the new Romney showed up.

Obama's Arab-American Support Dropping

Arab-Americans still strongly support President Obama, but not by the same wide margins as they did four years ago, according to a new poll by the Arab American Institute.  But before Republicans celebrate they should know that he still leads Mitt Romney by nearly a two-to-one margin.

Jordanian King: Iranian Nukes Key To Peace

In the two days following The Daily Show winning its 10th consecutive Emmy for best comedy show, it showed why an impressive number of political leaders take it seriously and so many young Americans rely on it as their primary source of news.

Jon Stewart’s fist post-Emmy guests were former President Bill Clinton and Jordanian King Abdullah II.

Republicans Find Voter Fraud -- At Home

Republicans have been on a major crusade around the country enacting laws to restrict access to the voting booth, all in the name of fighting voter fraud.  It turns out those righteous Republicans who were so intent on protecting the integrity of the ballot box may actually be the problem, not the solution.

Those most likely to be disenfranchised by the new restrictions are blacks, Hispanics, the poor, the elderly, students, the disabled and others most inclined to vote Democratic.

Paul Ryan's Cuban Conversion

In politics, where you sit often determines where you stand. 

Up north in Wisconsin’s largely rural First Congressional District, Rep. Paul Ryan told his constituents it was time to end the trade embargo on Cuba. “If we think engagement works well with China, well, it ought to work well with Cuba. The embargo doesn’t work. It is a failed policy.” As for those who wanted to tighten the embargo, not ease it, “I just don’t agree with them and never have.”

That was then, this is now.

The Sky Is Falling, Send More Money

What do the Romney campaign and Democratic fundraisers have in common?  Both saw a silver lining in the news that President Obama had lost his post-convention bounce.  But with different motives.  Mitt Romney for all the obvious reasons -- he wants to win.  The Obama folks want to raise money.

Pedicide In The iPhone Age

I have a lot of sympathy for Mitt Romney. That’s because one thing I've learned over 40-plus years in Washington is that the worst wounds are self inflicted.  Pedicide is the act of shooting one's self in the foot, and the shot is fired from the mouth.  Mitt Romney just shot himself in both feet with both barrels and he did it all by himself without the help of his aides, consultants, advisors, surrogates or anyone else. 

Why Is Jerusalem’s Mayor Meddling In U.S. Election?

Israeli leaders have a penchant for meddling in American politics.  It goes back, at least, to 1972 when then-Ambassador Yitzhak Rabin expressed his support for the reelection of Richard Nixon.  Benjamin Netanyahu is only the latest – and most blatant – practitioner.  And he’s got some clumsy company.

Romney's 2-Step Mideast Peace Policy Revealed

Mitt Romney has a two-step strategy for dealing with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.  It’s called kick and hope. He wants to  “kick the ball down the field” and “hope that ultimately, somehow, something will happen and resolve it.”

Obama’s Jewish Support Gaining

Once again it looks like Republican predictions of a sea change in Jewish voting patterns will be drowned by reality. 

Controversial casino billionaire Sheldon Adelson put up $6.5 million to mount the biggest-ever campaign to convince Jews to vote Republican.  Actually it was less aimed at getting them to vote Republican than to vote against Barack Obama.

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